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What does it mean when you dream about a blockage?

A blockage of any kind signifies repressed expression and depleted energy flow. The dreamer should identify where the blockage is, such as at the throat where one cannot express or voice opinions.

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The punishment will depend upon degree of consequences and ways of the road blockage.
The company, which launched in 2010, employs 19 people and is developing a range of technologies for detecting, remediating and preventing subsea and topside blockages.
Debris removed from the blockage should be examined and evaluated to determine the possible cause.
It's an internal blockage but we will help them, we are here to help people.
2Pump the plunger up and down to force out the blockage.
Look for blockages in the breather hose and hydraulic cylinder supply.
The procedure combines the use of X-rays and an endoscope or blockage is shown in the X-ray, the physician can use the endoscope to insert instruments to remove the obstruction.
If water is taking a long time to drain away down the plug hole, it's likely there's a blockage somewhere along the line.
The blockage represents the slice knife, and the experiments were carried out in a water tunnel under conditions similar to those of actual headboxes.
both Sr and Mg-rich phases (spinels) were seen in various areas of the blockage materials (Figs.
The district staff has posted warnings about the blockage on the bulletin board at the ranger station and at boat launch sites.
Various fittings can be attached to the end to deal with different types of drain or blockage and they're very reasonable to hire.