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What does it mean when you dream about a blockage?

A blockage of any kind signifies repressed expression and depleted energy flow. The dreamer should identify where the blockage is, such as at the throat where one cannot express or voice opinions.

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This may cause blockage of an artery in one of her lungs.
To report a sewer blockage fast and for free, visit yorkshirewater.
Using a wire coat hanger and water from a hosepipe can help clear blockages in a downpipe
Blockage of strategic roads with use of equipment, vehicles and other objects will be subject to the fine of 5,000 som for individuals and 70,000 som for legal entities, as well as confiscation of objects used to block the road or administrative arrest up to 5 days.
The PTI leader said he would ask the PTI to review its decision on NATO supply blockage.
They will present the resolution for NATO supplies blockage.
Farmers relied on the testimony of a plumber who concluded that a blockage in the sewer line approximately 20 to 40 feet away from the toilet caused the toilet to overflow.
The Aberdeen-headquartered company says subsea blockages cost operators tens of millions of dollars each year, which before now could only be properly treated by costly methods such as deploying a coiled tubing system from a rig into the pipeline, or undertaking subsea interventions using a Remotely Operated Vehicle (ROV) or saturation divers.
The blockage was erected in the name of a worship ritual, with policemen standing nearby without intervention.
In sanitary sewer operations, blockage removal is perhaps the most demanding and highly visible.
Persistent blockage can reduce or stop blood flow, limiting the supply of oxygen and nutrients to the surrounding tissue and nerve cells.