Blood Vessels

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Blood vessels

Tubular channels for blood transport, of which there are three principal types: arteries, capillaries, and veins. Only the larger arteries and veins in the body bear distinct names. Arteries carry blood away from the heart through a system of successively smaller vessels. Capillaries are the smallest but most extensive blood vessels, forming a network everywhere in the body tissues. Veins carry blood from the capillary beds back to the heart through increasingly larger vessels. In certain locations blood vessels are modified for particular functions, as the sinusoids of the liver and the spleen and the choroid plexuses of the brain ventricles. See Lymphatic system

Blood Vessels


in animals and man, vessels through which blood moves from the heart or central pulsating organ to the tissues (the arteries, arterioles, and arterial capillaries) and from the tissues to the heart (the venous capillaries, venules, and veins). The blood vessels and the heart together form a single cardiovascular system.

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Medications that prevent the growth of new blood vessels have already been introduced, but their effectiveness and long-term efficacy leave much to be desired.
Unwanted blood vessels can also lead to malformations and growths called haemangiomas.
After gathering inside tumors, the particles clumped and blocked about 20 percent of each tumor's blood vessels.
An increase in MLC phosphotylation due to reduced activity of myosin phosphatase appears to result in the hypercontraction of blood vessels, which is a characteristic feature of [Ca.
According to their report in an advance online publication of the September issue of Nature Medicine, hematopoietic stem cells that contain large quantities of EPCs can be used to both promote and inhibit the growth of blood vessels in the retina.
But such operations don't entail the microsurgery of heart operations, which involve cutting and sewing minute blood vessels.
The doctors found clear, and in some cases dramatic, evidence that the gene prompts the heart to sprout tiny new blood vessels to nourish the blood-starved muscle and relieve crippling chest pain.
In persons with Raynaud's, these small blood vessels overrespond to cold.
But when there is leakage it goes through the blood vessel walls into the perivascular space and pools there.
Leaf believes that fish oil might even keep blood vessels from closing in the first place.
Paradoxically, the study reports that blocking Dll4 caused more blood vessels to grow in the tumor, but the additional blood vessels were abnormal and led to a poorly functioning blood supply that did not support the tumor's growth.
They found that many of the blood-vessel cells within the tumours contained genetic markers characteristic of the cancer cells, suggesting that the blood vessels were of tumour origin.