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name for the larva of the midgemidge,
name for any of numerous minute, fragile flies in several families. The family Chironomidae consists of about 2,000 species, most of which are widely distributed. The herbivorous larvae are found in all freshwaters; the larvae of some species live in saltwater.
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 and for a red-blooded marine polychaete worm.
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The inch-long blood worm can also be bought from specialist bait dealers but can be expensive.
Pegged close to Dimples Bridge, he used pole tackle at eight and 12 metres and after 45 minutes on bread changed over to blood worm and joker to finish with a mixed net of skimmers and roach worth pounds 130 and a new fishing rod.
l Blood worm and joker enticed fish in the Lancashire Winter League practice open on the Leeds-Liverpool Canal at Dover Lock - and Steve Conroy (Warrington) won by seven ounces with a 9lb 11oz total from peg 26, putting together 25 skimmers and 20 small roach, to win pounds 150.
Suitable foods that have sufficient vitamins and calcium for a terrapin include greens, fruits, pondweed and pond fish pellets, insects, blood worms, tubifex worms, raw whole fish, prawns, leafy vegetable and carrots.
It would ignore the flakes we sprinkled in the bowl and went hungry for two days until desperately I ran back to the shop and was told these fish only eat blood worms.
I stuck to bloodworm hook-bait over helpings of tiny blood worms to attract fish into the swim as I pole-fished at three, five and 13 metre.
Olive has also been a good colour, with gold-beaded Blood worms also effective.