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Bloodrayne is a female dhampir (a child who has one vampire and one human parent, and who has special powers allowing her to become an effective vampire hunter), who initially appeared in a 2002 video game. In the game, she is introduced as an independent, but effective, vampire slayer, which brings her to the attention of the Brimstone Society, an organization dedicated to ridding the world of vampires. They overcome their reluctance to hire anyone with any vampire blood in them, and eventually Bloodrayne, or Rayne as she is informally called, becomes their agent. In her initial gaming adventure, she goes against the Gegengheist Gruppe (or Counter-Ghost Group), an organization attempting to bring Hitler into Germany’s leadership through the use of occult artifacts, including an item that belonged to the Devil.

The initial game was popular enough to lead to a sequel, a ongoing set of comic books, and two movies. The comic books were produced by Digital Webbing. The first of the series appeared in 2004, picking up the story line from the comics and placing Bloodrayne in the 1930s fighting both vampires and Nazis. The initial story has her thwarting a plot to smuggle a Vampire King on board the Hindenberg airship as it is ready to leave for the United States. Bloodrayne quickly found a comic reading audience and several miniseries and oneshots followed annually. They became known for the excellent artwork, the print quality, and the many variant covers of each issue, a practice previously found in the Vampirella comics from Harris Publications and the many titles from Chaos! Comics.

The first Bloodrayne movie (2005) takes the slayer to eighteenth-century Romania where we learn that her career is launched when her vampire father Kagan kills Rayne’s mother. Rayne (played by Laura Bailey) has grown up, however, and is now hunting her father. A fortune teller informs her of a talisman called simply “the eye,” which Kagan is also seeking. Meanwhile, both Kagan and members of the Brimstone headquartered in a Romanian castle are searching for her, though for very opposite reasons. Rayne heads for the monastery where “the eye” is hidden and the convergence of her seekers at that place sets the stage for a final confrontation.

The relatively low-budget first movie found its way into the circle of top-grossing vampire movies, allowing Rayne to make a second appearance in BloodRayne 2: Deliverance (2007). Rayne (now portrayed by Natassia Malthe) finds herself in the nineteenth-century American West where she encounters the infamous outlaw gunslinger-turned-vampire, Billy the Kid, who has established his home in the town of Deliverance during the 1880s. Billy has taken the townspeople’s children hostage as his means of control and Bloodrayne must ally herself with sheriff-turned-vampire-hunter Pat Garrett to defeat vampire Billy and save the youngsters.


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Alone in the Dark is probably the most recognizable of these, though BloodRayne is a sweet close second, and for the purposes of Halloween, it's hard not to fall in love with a movie that has Christian Slater react to the line: "If you come down here alive, you're already dead .
Sadly, Terminator 3 didn't lead to great things for Ms Loken, ie BloodRayne, Painkiller Jane.
Still, during the premiere of the notoriously wretched studio film Bloodrayne, her writing credit was on display despite a mere ten percent of her original script apparent on the screen, but no one was laughing harder than she was.
Davis is best known to audiences for his roles in Legally Blonde (2001), Blue Crush (2002) and Damages (2006-2009), as well as for his turns in such horror fare as Urban Lege ends: Final Cut (2000), Bloodrayne (2005), S Darko (2009) and The Vampire Diaries.
Screenwriter Guinevere Turner has won awards for The Notorious Bettie Page and worked on mainstream films like American Psycho and BloodRayne.
A couple of months ago Kristanna Loken was known primarily as the stunning-looking robot who nearly terminated Arnold Schwarzenegger in Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines and as the lusty, revengeful vampire in BloodRayne.
The other worst-picture nominees were the fantasies BloodRayne and Lady in the Water and the thriller The Wicker Man.
The director of the recently released vampire flick BloodRayne, based on a video game and starring Kristanna Loken and Ben Kingsley, issued a fight challenge to his critics several months ago and 15 responded.
HALF vampire, half human, the super-sexy Bloodrayne has always had a crisis of conscience, wondering whether to sink her teeth into her allies or ram a stake through the heart of her enemies.
And keeping a balance between work and his love life has been tough recently as Billy has just completed a hat-trick of films in Romania, the first of which - BloodRayne - is about to hit cinema screens.
Katty ko, pictured, saw off competition from BloodRayne (a computerised half-human/vampire Playboy model), Pompea (a reconstruction of a young woman killed when Mount Vesuvius erupted in AD79) and a pixie called Dawn.
In the next two years we can expect to see Uwe Boll take the reins of Alone in The Dark and BloodRayne and other, more famous directors, such as John Woo, make game-to-movie transpositions such as Metroid, Tekken, Dead or Alive, Doom and Silent Hill.