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1 City (1990 pop. 51,972), seat of McLean co., central Ill.; inc. 1839. The economy is based on farming; electrical equipment is also manufactured. In 1856 the state Republican party was organized in Bloomington, at which time Lincoln delivered his famous "lost speech" (no copy of it is known to exist). The city is the seat of Illinois Wesleyan Univ.; Illinois State Univ. is in adjacent NormalNormal,
town (1990 pop. 40,023), McLean co., central Ill.; inc. 1865. It is the center of a productive farming region. Motor vehicles are manufactured in Normal. The town originally grew around Illinois State Univ. (1857; formerly called Illinois State Normal Univ.
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 (formerly North Bloomington). Of interest are the burial place of Adlai E. StevensonStevenson, Adlai Ewing,
1835–1914, Vice President of the United States (1893–97), b. Christian co., Ky. He practiced law at Bloomington, Ill., and was twice (1874, 1878) elected to the U.S. Congress as a Democrat.
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 and the David DavisDavis, David,
1815–86, American jurist, associate justice of the U.S. Supreme Court (1862–77), b. Cecil co., Md., grad. Kenyon College, 1832; cousin of Henry Winter Davis. In 1836 he settled as a lawyer in Bloomington, Ill., his home thereafter.
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 mansion, a state historic shrine. 2 City (1990 pop. 60,633), seat of Monroe co., S central Ind., in a forested region; settled 1816, inc. 1878. Electrical and electronic equipment, furniture, and elevators are manufactured. Quarrying and marketing of the limestone abundant in the area has sustained the city's economy for many years. Bloomington is the seat of Indiana Univ., and its growth is closely related to the development of that institution. In the area are Hoosier National Forest and lakes Monroe (Indiana's largest) and Lemon. 3 City (1990 pop. 86,335), Hennepin co., SE Minn., a suburb adjacent to Minneapolis; inc. 1953. The city has diversified manufactures and is the site of the Mall of America, one of the world's largest.


a city in central Indiana: seat of the University of Indiana (1820). Pop.: 70 642 (2003 est.)
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We are hopeful the Bloomington City Council will agree with the State ALJ and the three other cities in the Twin Cities who have reviewed but rejected the opponents' arguments in favor of giving consumers more options and better prices.
This fall, the Bloomington City Council went on record in opposition to the new terrain route, following a contentious debate.
AARP Alliance for Metropolitan Stability Alliance for Sustainability American Council of the Blind of Minnesota American Heart Association Bicycle Alliance of Minnesota Bloomington City Councilmember Steve Elkins Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Minnesota Blue Zones--Dan Buettner Catalyst Cedar Ave United City of Saint Paul Conservation Minnesota Dero Bike Rack Company Fit City Duluth Fresh Energy Friends of Washington County Growth and Justice Havefunbiking.
The conceptual expansion plans, expected to cost over $1 billion, presented to Bloomington city officials and the public proposes to double the size of Mall of America, currently the largest mall in the United States and will be located on an adjacent property once occupied by Met Center, the former home of the NHL's MN North Stars.
The American Lung Association of Minnesota encourages the leaders of Minneapolis, Saint Paul and other communities considering this issue to follow the strong clean air standards and the March 31, 2005 implementation date established by the Bloomington City Council," said Robert Moffitt, communications manager for the American Lung Association of Minnesota.

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