Blowout Preventer

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blowout preventer

[′blō‚au̇t pri‚ven·tər]
(petroleum engineering)
Any one of several types of valves used on the wellhead to prevent the loss of pressure either in the annular space between drill pipe and casing or in the open hole during drilling completion operations.

Blowout Preventer


a device for the hermetic sealing of a well during drilling. It is used to prevent the open gushing of oil or gas.

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Installation and testing of the blow-out preventer (BOP) has been completed, along with the 17 1/2" hole to 2,664m.
In down-hole oil drilling and oil wells, elastomer gaskets are used in applications such as packer elements, blow-out preventer elements, O-rings, and gaskets.
The Chinese contributors propose a down-hole blow-out preventer, a material selection model based on total life cycle design, a reliable wireless network architecture using distributed control, and a method analyzing the relationship between geographical factors and protein content in winter wheat.
The maker of the Deepwater Horizon blow-out preventer that failed to stop last year's massive oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico, has agreed to pay 250 million dollars (pounds 160 million) to BP under a legal settlement, the oil giant said.
A major spill was averted only when the blow-out preventer was activated, capping off the well on the sea floor.
The rig's blow-out preventer, a protective valve, should have sealed the well but failed to operate.
Today BP was expected to begin the process of removing the cap and failed blow-out preventer, another step toward completion of a relief well that would put a final seal on the well.
The balance of these viscoelastic properties determines how well a blow-out preventer, for example, will perform in service.
According to The Observer, BP ordered the use of a Chinese repair facility to overhaul the rig's blow-out preventer, a device that subsequently failed and led to the worst environment disaster in U.
The forward plan is to connect the blow-out preventer to the wellhead and pressure test before commencing to drill the 17 1/2" hole to just above the primary target reservoir.
Preparing to test the blow-out preventer prior to drilling ahead in 216mm (8 1/2 ) hole to TD
In addition, the failed blow-out preventer highlighted in the findings was only raised from the water on Saturday, and awaits further analysis.