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Through Blue Box, IBM said it will help businesses rapidly integrate their cloud-based applications and on-premises systems into OpenStack-based managed cloud.
IBM said the addition of Blue Box to its services portfolio
7) The blue box will also give you the option to "Print Member ID Card" if you desire.
Established in 2007, Blue Box aims to offer unbiased business health checks and advice across many sectors, reinforcing strengths and eliminating weaknesses.
Matthew D'Hondt, Solid Waste/Wastewater Operations Manager, reported on the improved blue box pickup at this month's Public Works Committee meeting.
They will also be used to expand the organization's blue box gardening program, helping children and families in need grow various produce.
After a nine-month refurbishment programme to complete and showcase the striking Blue Box exterior that characterises Peugeot, Coventry Lord Mayor Coun Tim Sawdon and company directors were among the first to set foot inside the new 1,940 sq metres state-of-the-art dealership.
Part of the preschool-friendly "Smidgens" series, Crush and the Blue Box is a colorful, flat-spined children's picturebook about the importance of recycling and being socially responsible.
There is also a blue box for glass and tins plus a blue bag for paper.
recently announced The New York Life Blue Box Challenge, an online contest that invited visitors to create advertisements using the company's blue box logos.
Also in common with most senior professors my memory is not what it once was, but I think the Blue Box was first brought to my attention in.
Now, in partnership with a new firm in Grimsby, it is piloting a 'green' alternative called Cool Blue Box.