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Discussion with the vet indicated that the signs and symptoms observed may be indicative of blue green algae poisoning.
The chemicals released from the straw as it breaks down acts to inhibit the growth of blue green algae.
It is not the first time Blue Green Algae has appeared at the Acton lake.
Owners should seek immediate veterinary attention if they suspect their dog may have been exposed to blue green algae.
We believe that this innovative scheme could be a major new way of controlling blue green algae.
While not addressing the benefits of blue green algae (which cannot legally be included on product labels), Health Canada is worried specifically about the safety of some algae products.
You may have seen blue green algae floating on ponds or small lakes during the summer.
She discovered that viruses which threaten blue green algae don't attack in the dark.
EXPERTS last night warned people to stay away from Rhyl's Marine Lake after the invasion of blue green algae.