Blue Rider

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Blue Rider:

see Blaue Reiter, derBlaue Reiter, der
[Ger.,=the blue rider], German expressionist art movement, lasting from 1911 to 1914. It took its name from a painting by Kandinsky, Le cavalier bleu.
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95 (inc p&p) - one each of the new light blue Mailette, the pastel pink Rosea, the purple Papillon, the dark blue Blue Rider, the bluey-purple Hidcote and the deep purple Regal Splendour.
Schoenberg, Kandinsky, and the Blue Rider, The Jewish Museum, New York, through Feb.
Like many of the avant-garde groups that broke away from existing institutions in the early years of the twentieth century, the circle of modernist painters that came to be known as the Blue Rider in Munich in 1911 owed its existence to a quarrel with authority.
Kandinsky and his friends had a group they called The Blue Rider.
Also discussed is their collaboration on the publication The Blue Rider.
Aichele, a horror filmmaker for Blue Rider Pictures, often employed his wife to make production set designs, scenic work and other props.
Lepovitz has used the Murnau experience of the Blue Rider group to frame her story.
For 29 years, Jeff Geoffray and co-founder Walter Josten have owned and operated Blue Rider Pictures, a company that has produced and financed 116 successful independent feature films.
And now she has published a memoir titled "I Said Yes to Everything'' from Blue Rider Press ,,, and I'm afraid I pretty much abandoned everything else until I read it.
The Kunstmuseum Bonn and the Lenbachhaus Munich hold together under the title August Macke and Franz Marc - An artists friendship a touring exhibition with works of classical modernism on Blue Rider paintings and works on paper by artist Franz Marc and August Macke.
Largely self-taught, Schoenberg became an influential teacher of many of the 19th century's finest composers - he was also a talented painter, associated with Kandinsky and the Blue Rider group of artists.
German Expressionist Munter (1877-1962) was one of the co-founders of The Blue Rider artists group and was Wassily Kandinsky companion.

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