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town (1995 pop. 30,208), capital of the South Atlantic Coast Autonomous Region and Zelaya dept., SE Nicaragua, on Bluefields Bay at the mouth of the Escondido River. It is Nicaragua's chief Caribbean port. Hardwoods and fish are exported. Bluefields was a rendezvous for English and Dutch buccaneers in the 16th and 17th cent. and became (1678) capital of the British protectorate over the Mosquito CoastMosquito Coast
or Mosquitia
, region, east coast of Nicaragua and Honduras. The name is derived from the Miskito, the indigenous inhabitants and remnants of the Chorotega, who were never conquered by the Spanish. Never exactly delimited, the region is a belt c.
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. During U.S. interventions (1912–15, 1926–33) in Nicaragua, marines were stationed there. In 1984, the United States mined the harbor (along with those of CorintoCorinto
, town (1995 pop. 16,997), NW Nicaragua, on the Pacific Ocean. It is a railroad terminus and Nicaragua's leading Pacific port. Coffee, cotton, sugar, hides, and woods are exported.
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 and Puerto Sandino). Bluefields was destroyed in a hurricane in 1988 but was rebuilt.
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The government announced that it will install a new plant in the Caribbean town of Bluefields in order to encourage more tourism, reports laprensa.
MIF / IDB, AUSAID, with contributions from UNDP and municipal governments of Bluefields, Corn Island and Rama.
She also visited with youth mentors, church leaders, and life-skills counselors in Bluefields, a city affected by drug and human trafficking, and participated in a play about issues facing teens in the region.
Image with caption: "A group of adolescent leaders greet UNICEF Ambassador Angie Harmon upon her arrival at the airport in Bluefields, Nicaragua.
Image with caption: "A youth leader in Bluefields, Nicaragua shows UNICEF Ambassador Angie Harmon a mural that adolescents painted illustrating the issue of human trafficking.
The team envisioned itself as facilitators between this international support network and the institutions in Bluefields because it believed that the local people responsible for the project's success in the long run should have a vested interest and a meaningful role from the start.
However, the team learned that the local institutions in Bluefields did not wish to take a leadership role in this initiative despite frequently affirming their sincere interest in the formal proposals that were presented to them.
ATCi, employing the latest satellite communications technology from Comtech EF Data and its wholly owned subsidiary Memotec, designed and integrated the complete Frame Relay system for the new satellite communication site at Bluefields, Nicaragua.
In addition to the complete installation of the two-way communication system at Bluefields, ATCi also handled all equipment testing and on-site training of personnel to ensure successful frame relay network operation.
This sometimes rocky coastline is broken by white beaches that stretch alongside the communities of Bluefields, Auchindown and Whitehouse, while beige and black powder-fine sands wrap the shores of Treasure Beach and Alligator Pond farther east.
This road, winding east towards Bluefields, is bordered on one side by sweeping fields of sugarcane and on the other by centuries-old silk-cotton and guango trees towering over lush plains that stretch to the sea.
With an initial investment of about $15 million, one of the marinas will be built in Bluefields Bay and the other on Corn Island, in the south Caribbean, said Juan Manuel Munoz, manager in charge of the proposed marinas.