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The contents of affidavits, complaints, and reports collected by the Freedmen's Bureau clearly reveal the extreme hostility many white residents of the Bluegrass Region, even some who fought for the Union in the Civil War, held toward both freed people and federal authorities in the months and years following the ratification of the Thirteenth Amendment.
The award jury said the topography of the bluegrass region determined the look of the road rather than the road altering the topography.
The results achieved with the model constructed for the Bluegrass region will be used to illustrate the simulation and forecast accuracy to the EKPC modeling approach.
Projects included renovation of the airport terminal interior and exterior, building a new crosswind general aviation runway, unveiling a new airport entrance reflective of the Bluegrass region, and taxiway, ramp and electrical vault improvements.
Champion or not, any big blue ash in the Bluegrass Region of central Kentucky is a precious part of that area's natural heritage.
Keeneland is a combination Thoroughbred race course and sales company located six miles west of Lexington in the heart of Kentucky's famed Bluegrass Region.
We are thrilled to have an opportunity to showcase the unique natural beauty of Lexington's Bluegrass Region to this group of aviation professionals.
The contract will bring a superior merchandise assortment to the traveling public, reflecting the culture and tradition of the Bluegrass Region.
Canoe Creek Ranch is a ranch resort located in the Bluegrass region of Kentucky, and is already known for offering sporting adventures along with rustic, comfortable lodging.
Lexington and the famous Bluegrass region of surrounding Fayette County are the newest showcases of Vivato's ability to greatly increase the range and coverage of Wi-Fi systems," said Glenn Booth, director of marketing, Vivato.