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bluegrass music:

see country and western musiccountry and western music,
American popular music form originating in the Southeast (country music) and the Southwest and West (western music). The two regional styles coalesced in the 1920s when recorded material became available in rural areas, and they were further
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Anne came to country later in life; she was 21 and studying jazz when she met bluegrass musician Michael Daves.
Attendance at live shows played an important part in Staman's growth as a bluegrass musician.
Bluegrass musician Alison Krauss, blues singer Eric Bibb, multi-instrumentalist Sarah Jarosz and Gaelic singer Kathleen MacInnes are among the performers.
Banjo teacher and bluegrass musician Stu Williams praised the event for spreading the word about the American country music which incorporates elements of jazz and has roots in Welsh, English, Scottish and Irish.
Tim is a Grammy Award winning American country and bluegrass musician, while Kris is most famous for his part in folk trio Lau.
Concord said last week it would buy the roots label Rounder Records, home to bluegrass musician Alison Krauss.
Here a bluegrass musician looks back on his six decades in music, telling his story of his career and his observations of the evolving genre of country music.
During an interview, Bradley talked about his life as a trucker gigging steadily as a bluegrass musician even through the hairspray fog of 1980s heavy metal.
Meeting like-minded people such as David Crosby, Gene Clark, bluegrass musician Chris Hillman and then drummer Michael Clarke, band names including the Jet Set and the Beefeaters eventually gave way to the Byrds.
Seventy-year-old bluegrass musician Eddie Adcock continued playing his even as brain surgeons poked around inside his noggin.
I think Kim's father is a bluegrass musician and he grew up listening to Flat and Scrubs and Dominios all the time.