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1. an ornamental festoon of fruit, flowers, or drapery or a representation of this
2. Midland English dialect a depression filled with water, resulting from mining subsidence


A festoon, hung between rosettes or other terminals.


A festive decoration of pendant semi-loops with attachments and loose ends, esp. a swag of fabric, or representations of such decorations. Also see garland.


Scientific (or Silly) Wild Ass Guess. A term used by technical teams when establishing high level sizings for large projects.
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But, thanks to a pair of special dog boots, Bluey can enjoy playing outside with his friend, Jack Russell Percy.
I hope the blueys plus familiar Scottish treats will help put a smile on their faces.
A curious item among the acquisitions is a fancy dress shirt worn by Gurney during the 1948 Journalists' Ball, smothered back and front with drawings of characters from Gurney strips--portraits of Bluey and Curley with a Fuzzy-Wuzzy Angel (New Guinea native), a very whiskery swaggy, a large moustached pukka airforce officer, Roy (Mo) Rene from Gurney's first humour strip of 1927, Stiffy and Mo, and caricatures of politicians Ben Chifley, Arthur Caldwell and Billy Hughes.
Bluey hopes to foster that action through the very think tanks that DeLay praises.
lt; `It's not about playing the tune just to get applause -- it's about communicating, making sure people get it,'' Bluey said.
The four-year-old animal, named Bluey, was trapped in the quagmire in Himley Road, Gornal, at 7pm on Monday night.
Whitney Houston, Mariah Carey and Bluey Robinson because I like to listen to their music.
It is a bluey non-drop fir which has an almost pineapple Christmas zest to it.
Fishing Roker pier, Ronnie Head, better known as "Roker Ronnie", used bluey to land a 1.
WE would like to say a big thank you to friends, neighbours, local schoolchildren and their mothers and local shops in the Rhiwbina area for searching for our cat Bluey, who went missing recently.
50; Bluey Robinson - Arena, M'bro pounds 4; The Clashed - The Forum, Darlington pounds 6; The Stottin Headaches, Responsa - The Studio, Hartlepool pounds 3; Drunk In Hell, Normal Man, Goatspeed, Foot Hair, Rife, Jimmy Bullet and the Baby, Shakers, Lifeless, Pellethead - The Crown, M'bro pounds 3/pounds 4; North Yorkshire Chorus - St Mary's Church, Thirsk; Electric Cowboys - Ranch House Club, Hutton Rudby; The Chevrons -The Station Hotel, Billingham; Still Active - The Park, M'bro Sunday William KJ Anderson, Folk Daddy -The Waiting Room, Eaglescliffe pounds 5; Alpha Place - The Normanby; Tees Hot Club Blues Night - Queen Catherine, Osmotherly 8.
Bluey, as the Rhinos boss is known, wishes he had made the same effort and made it a family affair back in 1991 when Saints met Wigan at Wembley.