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see Muhammad XIMuhammad XI,
d. 1538, last sultan of Granada in Spain (1482–92); also called Boabdil by the Spanish. He seized the throne from his father and thus plunged Granada into civil war at the time the Castilians were beginning their attack on the kingdom.
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It was here Boabdil stopped to look back and shed a tear over his lost kingdom.
Carter notes the similarity between Bombadil's name and that of Boabdil, a popular figure in Islamic legend, Look Behind 195.
It follows Boabdil, exiled leader of the Moors in Spain, across the straight of Gibraltar.
The sultan decided to name one of his wives, a Christian prisoner Soraya, as his heir, annoying another wife Axia and her son Boabdil.
Eight centuries of Moorish Spain--al-Andalus, Andalusia, to Arabs, Sefarad to Jews--finally ended in the surrender by the emir Boabdil of Granada, with its legendary fortress-palace the Alhambra.
It ends in 1492, when Boabdil, the last king of Granada, hands over the keys of Spain's last Moorish bastion to the Catholic monarchs, Ferdinand and Isabella.