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Be sure to use the highest-quality, strongest rod possible, such as Boart Longyear RQ.
Caption: A Wireless Sub, shown here, can provide more accurate, real-time measurement of exploration drilling parameters, according to Boart Longyear.
The mine helps small and medium enterprises, as well as global companies like Boart Longyear, to design, test, and showcase new technologies.
Target: Boart Longyear LF-90 diamond core drill rig
Working around the clock in rotating three-member crews, the Boart Longyear Salt Lake City Rotary Drilling Services team used an LMTM200 top head drive rig fitted with stabilizers and the massive bit.
International Resource News-January 27, 2015--Mining Magazine honours A Boart Longyear's project
Boart Longyear dropped 13 per cent, the most in six weeks, after the Australian mining-services firm posted a first-half loss.
The Above the Influence Program is being presented to Montevallo's middle and high school students thanks to the partnership of groups like the Chilton-Shelby Mental Health Services, the County Boart of Education, Bradford Health Services and others.
As previously announced, these holes will be drilled using Boart Longyear's (ASX:BLY) rig once it becomes available from Ausgold's (ASX:AUC) programme currently operating adjacent to GNI's Mt.
He added: "Over the years I have received calendars from international companies such as Pirelli, Boart Europe, Monark, Mintex.
The purchase of Diamant Boart will be effective as from the end of June, given that the deal is approved by the competition authorities.