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Roger Bannister ran the first four-minute mile in 1954, Bob Beamon soared to 8.
In which field event did athlete Bob Beamon set a world record that held for 23 years?
1968: American Bob Beamon shattered the world long jump record to set a new mark of 8.
Bob Beamon, still the holder of the Olympic long-jump record 44 years after his mighty leap in Mexico City, wondered at the way our sportsmen and women had bulldozed a history of glorious failure and wrecked a tradition of losing pluckily.
It was Bob Beamon, who a few minutes later jumped 8.
But it was another jumper, American Bob Beamon, who would be the star of the Mexico City games with a huge world-record jump that stood for the next 23 years.
Well, it was the largest improvement ever on a 200m world record, a feat compared to the astonishing performance of Bob Beamon who shattered the long jump record at the 1968 Olympics in Mexico City.
Yn y gemau hynny, a gynhaliwyd dros 2,000 medr uwchlaw'r mr lle mae'r awyr yn denau y chwalodd Bob Beamon y record am y naid hir, trwy neidio dros 29 troedfedd.
Legendary long jumper Bob Beamon is hoping to bring to Qatar a touring exhibition of artwork by Olympian artists.
Why, Bob Beamon broke the long jump world record a day after he had hired the services of a prostitute.
Despite this, the best, be it Spain, Australia or Bob Beamon, come out on top.
Powell's own record is among the longest in athletics with the previous record stretching back to Bob Beamon at the 1968 Mexico City Olympics.