Bob Beamon

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Beamon, (Robert) Bob

(1946–  ) track and field athlete; born in New York City. In the 1968 Olympics at Mexico City, he set a world long jump record (29 ft. 2½ in./8.90m) that exceeded the previous record by nearly 22 in./0.55m. The mark lasted 23 years, longer than any track and field record in history.
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American Bob Beamon shattered the world long jump record to set a new mark of 8.
BOB BEAMON United States, athletics Long jumper Beamon achieved what remains among the greatest Olympic perormances, leaping an astonishing 29ft, 21/2in at Mexico City in 1968 to win gold.
That is the beauty of Olympic sports, in which Romania's Nadia Comaneci (first perfect score in gym astics' all-around, Montreal, 1976), Michael Phelps (record 22 swim medals) and Bob Beamon (off-the-charts long jump, Mexico, 1968) all have this in common: When the moment called for action - not words, Twitter feeds or marketing spins - such athletes excelled to the highest levels of achievement.
Roger Bannister ran the first four-minute mile in 1954, Bob Beamon soared to 8.
Ortiz is currently working on a docu on athlete Bob Beamon and a feature film script on inspirational speaker Janet Perez Eckles.
In which field event did athlete Bob Beamon set a world record that held for 23 years?
1968: American Bob Beamon shattered the world long jump record to set a new mark of 8.
It was Bob Beamon, who a few minutes later jumped 8.
But it was another jumper, American Bob Beamon, who would be the star of the Mexico City games with a huge world-record jump that stood for the next 23 years.
Yn y gemau hynny, a gynhaliwyd dros 2,000 medr uwchlaw'r mr lle mae'r awyr yn denau y chwalodd Bob Beamon y record am y naid hir, trwy neidio dros 29 troedfedd.
Legendary long jumper Bob Beamon is hoping to bring to Qatar a touring exhibition of artwork by Olympian artists.
Why, Bob Beamon broke the long jump world record a day after he had hired the services of a prostitute.