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a river in Vitebsk and Minsk oblasts, Byelorussian SSR; a left tributary of the Berezina River. The Bobr is 124 km long and drains a basin of 2,190 sq km. Its valley and floodplain are marshy in places. At the estuary, the average annual flow rate is 15 cu m per sec; the maximum discharge at high-water periods, 540 cu m per sec. The Bobr is used for floating timber.



(also Bobrawa), a river in southwestern Poland; left tributary of the Odra. Length, 280 km. The Bóbr rises in the Krkonoše (Sudetes) Mountains, crosses the foothills, and flows through the Silesian depression. There are frequent floods from rain and melting snow, during which the water level rises 3-4 m. A hydroelectric power plant is located on the Bóbr.

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Of the six, Johnson, Bober, Mier and Springer had the most attractive, motivating pieces.
Irfan Mehsud, son of Azam Tariq, a member of the outlawed Tehreek-i-Taliban Pakistan (TTP central shura , and Wafadar Mehsud were killed along with five associates in Bober area .
Bober offers this introductory programming text for MATLAB in science and engineering applications.
Turrell's installation is the most ambitious project to date for UT-Austin's Landmarks program, which is directed by Andree Bober.
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But the momentum shifted when Bober scored an own goal after 73 minutes.
Steve Bober, a doctor aged 58, his wife Maggie, 57, and daughter Alice, 19, were with a guide when the charge came.