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(bō`dö), city (1995 pop. 39,119), capital of Nordland co., W Norway, at the mouth of the Saltfjord, N of the Arctic Circle. It is a center for coastal shipping, tourism, and fishing and serves as the port of the SulitjelmaSulitjelma
, town, Nordland co., E Norway, at the foot of the Sulitjelma Mts., near the Swedish border. It has been a mining and smelting center since the end of the 19th cent.; much copper and zinc is shipped to Bodø for export.
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 copper and pyrite mines. The city was heavily damaged in World War II. Of note is a modern cathedral (1956). Nearby is Bodin Church, a medieval stone structure.



(in Russian, Bara-Bodo), a group of peoples in northeastern India (primarily in Assam). The population was approximately 1.5 million according to a 1967 estimate. The Bodo languages make up a special subgroup in the Burmese group of the Tibeto-Burman branch of the Sino-Tibetan language family. The largest subdivisions of the Bodo include the Garo, Kachari, and Dimasa. Their occupations are hunting and farming. The Bodo are one of the oldest Tibeto-Burman groups to have penetrated the territory of India. Apparently, they had already populated Assam in the second millennium B. C. Between the 13th and 15th centuries A. D., Bodo groups established in Assam and in northern Bengal a number of early class-based state formations which carried on a fierce struggle with the Ahom (Burmese Shan) invaders. Bodo social structure preserved elements of matriarchal tribal relationships. In religion, Bodos are animists and partially Hindus.


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(sometimes called Garo), the most numerous of the Bara-Bodo group of peoples. Population, approximately 300,000 (1967 estimate). They live in the Garo Hills in the state of Assam, India. The Bodo language belongs to the Tibeto-Burman branch of the Sino-Tibetan family. The Bodo religion centers on the worship of the sacred stones that guard the entrance to the village. The Bodo peoples have preserved many vestiges of family-tribal organization, including survivals of matriarchal relations, especially in the inheritance of family property and in the use of land. The chief occupation is slash-and-burn farming (rice, corn), which accounts for the periodic resettlement patterns of the Bodo peoples.


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The Bodoe monitoring centre, with its two tugs, started work last year carrying out patrols to back up the local coast guard support unit, which has only one tug.
Thomas Millennium was born just after midnight on January 1 in Bodoe, 620 miles north of Oslo.
1995), "The Virtual CPR: The Internet as a Local and Global Common Pool Resource", in Fifth Annual Meeting of the International Association for the Study of Common Property, Bodoe (Norway), IASCP.
The injured pilots landed the 18-seat plane at Bodoe in Norway where the axeman, an Algerian in his 30s, was held.
A Kato Airline aircraft reportedly crashed today (4 December) outside the runway at Bodoe Airport, Norway.
According to the Norwegian broadcasting corporation NRK, the Oil and Gas Inspectorate would move to Stavanger, the Maritime Inspectorate to Haugesund and the Aviation Inspectorate to Bodoe.
The airline - based in Bodoe, Norway - will eliminate 130 positions from its workforce of 1,300 due to a drop in business.
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