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Bodoni, Giambattista

(jämbät-tē`stä bōdō`nē), 1740–1813, Italian printer b. Piedmont. He was the son of a printer and worked for a time at the press of the Vatican. Under the patronage of the duke of Parma, he produced stately quartos and folios with impressive title pages and luxurious margins. With BaskervilleBaskerville, John
, 1706–75, English designer of type and printer. He and Caslon were the two great type designers of the 18th cent. in England. He began his work as printer and publisher in 1757 and in 1758 became printer to the Univ. of Cambridge.
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 in England and the DidotDidot, François
, 1689–1757, Parisian printer. The son of a printer, Denis Didot, he was the first of the family to win fame in his craft. His son, François Ambroise Didot,
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 family in France, Bodoni was a leader in originating pseudoclassical typefaces. These were distinguished from the "old style" of CaslonCaslon, William
, 1692–1766, English type designer, b. Worcestershire. He worked first in London as an engraver of gunlocks, then set up his own foundry in 1716. The merits of Caslon's types were rediscovered after a brief eclipse in the popularity of John Baskerville's
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 by emphasizing the contrast of light and heavy lines and by long, level serifs. Bodoni's most notable publications include folio editions of Horace (1791), Vergil (1793), The Divine Comedy (1795), and Homer (1808). His coldly elegant books were frankly made to be admired for typeface and layout, not to be studied or read. He was apparently indifferent to the quality of the text he printed and to editing and proofreading. William Morris considered Bodoni's mechanical perfection in typography the ultimate example of modern ugliness.
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According to Ian Reid, managing director of Bodoni Systems, "Our products make it hugely easier for printers to hit whatever color standards their customers want.
In pagine ricche di acume critico si ripercorrono le tappe che hanno portato alla rappresentazione delle tragedie e soprattutto si ricostruisce nel dettaglio il lavoro dietro le quinte, svolto sapientemente dal poeta, per preparare il consenso attorno a esse: dalla pubblicazione di alcuni estratti in rivista alla descrizione, fatta da Monti all'editore Bodoni, dell'entusiasmo del pubblico, fino alla conquista del favore dei letterati piu in vista tramite letture private (una sorta di anteprima) tenute dallo stesso poeta.
Known for mixing her Latin roots with her love of Italian culture, Bodoni has created an eclectic mix of flavors earning her and "Escoppazo" a "Critics' Choice" rating by Food and Wine magazine.
At the other extreme, there is also one of the bloated 360-page albums issued in 1768 by Pierre-Simon Fournier: a precursor of the mammoth, self-congratulatory specimen books created by Giambattista Bodoni and by the major 19th-century commercial foundries.
In the last days of the New York Herald Tribune , art director Peter Palazzo talked editors into moving from Bodoni Bold, the ever present newspaper headline face, to Caslon by lettering a four-letter word in both.
The ITC Bodoni family is intended to serve as a faithful rendition of Giambattista Bodoni's most revered typeface design.
The other had the same information presented in either 12-point Comic Sans MS 75pc greyscale font or 12-point Bodoni MT 75pc greyscale.
Gradually this style died out, and the influential Greek types of the late eighteenth and the nineteenth centuries -- Didot in France, Bodoni in Italy, and Porson in England -- were free of ligatures and much less calligraphic than the earlier types.
The airline's name will appear in a classic Bodoni type style, with the words "Worldwide Service" added to underscore the international scope and quality of United's operations.
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Rosa Necchi: Il carteggio fra Giambattista Bodoni e Carlo Denina 1777-1812 (2003).
Baskerville Greek (roman, inclined, bold, and bold inclined) -- Century Schoolbook(TM)Greek (roman, inclined, bold, and bold inclined) -- Dutch(TM)801 Greek (roman, inclined, bold, and bold inclined) -- Geometric Slabserif 712 Greek (light; medium and medium bold; extra bold) -- Incised 901 Greek (bold; roman, inclined, and black; compact; light) -- Monospace 821 Greek -- Oz Handicraft(TM)Greek -- Poster Bodoni Greek -- Swiss(TM) 721 Greek (black and black inclined; roman, inclined, bold, and bold inclined; condensed roman, condensed inclined, condensed bold, and condensed bold inclined; light) -- Zapf Humanist Greek (demi and demi inclined; ultra and ultra inclined) -- Zurich(TM) Greek (roman, inclined, bold, and bold inclined)