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The sense of position and movement of the limbs and the sense of muscular tension. The awareness of the orientation of the body in space and the direction, extent, and rate of movement of the limbs depend in part upon information derived from sensory receptors in the joints, tendons, and muscles. Information from these receptors, called proprioceptors, is normally integrated with that arising from vestibular receptors (which signal gravitational acceleration and changes in velocity of movements of the head), as well as from visual, auditory, and tactile receptors. Sensory information from certain proprioceptors, particularly those in muscles and tendons, need not reach consciousness, but can be used by the motor system as feedback to guide postural adjustments and control of well-practiced or semiautomatic movements such as those involved in walking.

Receptors for proprioception are the endings of peripheral nerve fibers within the capsule or ligaments of the joints or within muscle. These endings are associated with specialized end organs such as Pacinian corpuscles, Ruffini's cylinders, and Golgi organs (the latter resembling histologic Golgi structures in the skin), and muscle spindles. See Cutaneous sensation, Sensation, Somesthesis


The reception of internal stimuli.
Sensory awareness of one's location with regard to the external environment.
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In review, the SMACKS is an excellent memory aid to assist teaching in the areas of safety instruction, motivation, body alignment, checking in with the student, kinesthetic, and spotting the student.
Podiatrists, chiropodists and patients confirm that the sandals are wonderful for balance, body alignment, improved posture, increased vitality and energy.
However, while competition swimmers do tend to sacrifice body alignment techniques in favour of brute strength and speed, there are signs that people are beginning to take their bodies' long-term health into consideration.
Maintaining the proper body alignment is just as important as providing you and your baby with good nutrition and exercise.
This innovative collection combines new performance technology with the ultra-compressive lucy Powermax[TM] fabric to enhance core awareness and encourage body alignment.
The pressure-point experience facilitates unwinding with quiet, precise movements that corrects poor body alignment, increases flexibility, relieves mental stress and promotes restorative sleep.
Hatha movements are excellent to build strength and improve form as they encompass particular body alignment exercises and detailed instructions.
Repeat the movement with alternate leg Progression: Lift the leg higher, maintaining focus and concentration on body alignment 4.
Researchers theorize that dancers learn to shift focus between time, music, space, and muscles and achieve heightened awareness of their muscle tone, body alignment and posture.
But the combination of a beautiful and loving environment, high-fiber organic foods, yoga, massage, and gentle body alignment probably makes for the best overall health insurance one can get.
Placement of the hands on the club, body alignment, placement of the club on the target line, shot visualisation, the number of practice swings, even of waggles and a certain number of looks to the target all need to be accounted for, built in and practiced.
A FORMER professional South African ballet dancer - who is also a psychologist - is running dance and exercise classes aimed at improving the body alignment and mind.