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AlO(OH) Gray, brown, or red orthorhombic mineral that is a major constituent of some bauxites.



(named after the 20th-century German mineralogist J. Böhm), a mineral with the composition AlOOH. It crystallizes into a rhombic system, forming fine, plastic crystalline particles. It is colorless and transparent. Its hardness on the mineralogical scale is 3.5, and its density is 3,020–3,060 kg/m3 Rarely found in pure form, boehmite usually occurs with other aluminum hydroxides in bauxite compositions.

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In the literature, such inclusions are generally described as boehmite rather than diaspore (White, 1979; Hanni, 1987).
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The mesoporous supports may be boehmite (AlOOH), silica, titanium dioxide, or tin oxide materials.
Sorption of Cr(VI) from wastewaters has been recently emphasized by the use of various sorbent materials such as activated carbon [5,8-10], biogas residual slurry [11], boehmite [12], used tyres and sawdust [13], chitosan [2], sphagnum moss peat [14], Mg-Al-C[O.
Boehmite is only present in a soil derived from limestone (Ak1) formed under a high rainfall condition and may be indicative of an advanced stage of weathering.
We apply this approach to boehmite AlOOH nanoparticles.
It was historically used as an ore of aluminum and later in the electrolytic processing of the aluminum rich oxide ore bauxite (itself a combination of aluminum oxide minerals such as gibbsite, boehmite and diaspore).
Presentations and speakers on September 17 will include the following: "Product commercialization one nanostep at a time," Karl Kamena, Southern Clay Products; "Nanocomposites--a new class of flame retardants for polymers and cable applications," Gunter Beyer, Kabelwerk Eupen AG; "Mineral flame retardants: Market outlook and new developments," Rene Herbiet, Albemarle; "Talc as an additive in flame retardants," Pascal Amigouet, Luzenac Europe; "Nanocomposites based on boehmite alumina," Olaf Torno, Sasol Germany GmbH; "Nanoflake graphite--properties and end-uses in fuel cells and composites," George C.
They then heat this powder to produce alumina ceramic fibers, mostly boehmite, until heated to 450[degrees]C.