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(bō`gōmĭlz), members of Europe's first great dualist church, which flourished in Bulgaria and the Balkans from the 10th to the 15th cent. Their creed, adapted from the PauliciansPaulicians
, Christian heretical sect. The sect developed in Armenia from obscure origins and is first mentioned in the middle of the 6th cent., where it is associated with Nestorianism.
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 and modified by other Gnostic and Manichaean sources, is attributed to Theophilus or Bogomil, a Bulgarian priest of the 10th cent. The movement was intensely nationalistic and political, as well as religious, and reflected resentment of Byzantine culture, Slavic serfdom, and imperial authority. They vanished due to persecution and the expansion of Islam, but bits of their ideas and folklore persisted for centuries in Slavic lands.


See M. Loos, Dualist Heresy in the Middle Ages (1974).

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ELECTRONIC PAYMENTS AND BEST PRACTICESModerator: Bogomil Nikolov, CEO of Bulgarian National Association Active Consumers
17) Les Bogomils etaient une secte heretique, qui devait son nom au pope bulgare Bogomil, qu'Alexis Ier Comnene avait fait bruler au bucher.
Bogomil Rainov characterized this kind of noir fiction as "bourgeois" and individualistic, belonging to capitalism: in this case, the crime occurs as the exception in a legally constituted system, and the resolution is punishment.
Born Bogomil Kovachev and orphaned at a very early age, Kiril graduated from Sofia's Religious Seminary and studied theology at Athens University before taking monastic vows in 1972.
In her collections, Koman treated texts well known in Slovenian culture in a fairy tale manner and she discussed the motif of a water sprite that had already been dealt with by Janez Vajkard Valvasor, Mirko Rupel, Bogomil Gerlanc, and Elko Justin in their 1978 Slava vojvodine Kranjske (The Glory of the Duchy of Carniola).
Bulgairan Bogomil Shopov, a blogger and digital-rights activist, claimed that he was able to buy data containing names, user IDs and email addresses.
The first of these debates--held on November 6, nearly a week before the first round of the electoral process--featured five of the six candidates for the presidency: Bogomil Bonev, Petar Beron, Georgi Ganchev, Renata Indjova, and the incumbent President, Petar Stoyanov.
It is difficult not to imagine that someone so sensitive to the spirit of place as Durrell would not have been aware of the Gnostic origins behind the long Bogomil tradition in the Balkans or the tragic history of the Cathars in Southern France and the persecution and brutal suppression of the Templars, the search for whose treasure is a theme of the Avignon Quintet.
His recent books include Dismembering the State: The Death of Yugoslavia and Why It Matters and The Wolf at the Door: Translations from the Macedonian of Bogomil Gjuzel.
In this study of heretics from Bogomil to Jan Hus, he explains the nature of various heretical beliefs through the lives of those who led the movements.
VMware also offers a small business version of its hypervisor that starts at just $166 per CPU, says Bogomil Balkansky, VMware's vice president of product marketing.
Those Mani or Bogomil incarnates, medieval heretics, who led an apostolic life without property or possessions, rejected matter and mass and sex, didn't demand tithes, and were themselves divided idiosyncratic sects like the Albanensians, "the smallest of the Italian schools," who believed in metempsychosis, and the Concorezzans, who believed in the reproduction of one soul from another through sex.