Bohemian Glass

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Bohemian glass

[bō′hem·ē·ən ¦glas]

Bohemian Glass


an art industry that developed in Bohemia in the 14th and 15th centuries. Bohemian glass became widely known in the second half of the 17th century, with the introduction of Bohemian crystal, thick-walled transparent vessels whose high calcium content made possible the cutting of deep facets.

From the 18th century to the early 20th century, Bohemian glass followed the main stylistic trends in European art. Modern Bohemian glass, while preserving the traditional methods of faceting and engraving, is noted for its integrated use of expressive artistic forms and its subtle light and color effects.

Masters of Bohemian glass production include Z. Seidl, J. Brichta, L. Smrčková, J. Soukup, and L. Metelák.


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Samuel Mohn (1762-1815) and his son Gottlob (1789-1825) are considered to be perhaps the finest of all Bohemian glass painters.
Behind the central block of the original structure, the Sideses have added a modern kitchen opening onto an enormous sunken sitting room, with a long wall of glass shelving to house their growing collection of Bohemian glass.
Stourbridge Glass ranks alongside Bohemian Glass and Venetian Glass as one of the great names in the art.
A to Z Bohemian Glass, a Manhattan-based importer and distributor of high-end glass beads for the fashion and textile industry, will receive financing assistance to buy, renovate and equip a single-story building on Rewe Street in Brooklyn.
An instant later there were cries and running footsteps, and as somebody - no doubt the housemaid, since it could hardly have been Don Damian's wife or mother-in-law - began to wail at the bedside, the soul leaped into the air, straight up to the Bohemian glass lamp that hung in the middle of the ceiling.
The highlight of the 74-seat restaurant is the shisha terrace lounge serving exotic and newly composed flavours in oversized contemporary Meduse pipes, made of Czech hand-blown Bohemian Glass which has been held in high regard for centuries.
The beaker is an example of what collectors call Bohemian glass, a somewhat abused generic termto describe just about anything that is not English and has any type of gilding, coloured enamel or cameo effect decoration.
But you might consider Bohemian glass from the last century which is wonderful for its rich ruby colours and gilt decoration along with its portrait painting and its overlaid glasswork (this is where clear crystal is coated with glass of another colour then cut through to the original glass).
Design & Decor - Clocks, Lamps, Rugs and Textiles, Chandeliers, Bronze Sculptures, Asian Antiques, Art Glass, Art Pottery, Bohemian Glass, Folk Art, Photographs, Posters and Prints, Art Deco, Art Nouveau, Victorian Era and more.
But Charles Hajdamach, the director of the Glass Museum at Broadfield House, Kingswinford, lists other Bohemian glass engravers in his superb book British Glass 1800-1914 which has been my bible for over a decade.
This was a gathering of some phenomenally beautiful pieces and included several examples of rock crystal glass, Stourbridge cameo glass in two colours, Bohemian glass, engraved and gilded, along with French paperweights and early Beilby painted wine glasses.