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Hrabal, Bohumil,

1914–97, one of the most important and popular Czech writers of the 20th cent., b. Brünn, Austria-Hungary (now Brno, Czech Republic). After working at a number of jobs, he became a professional writer in 1962, first winning recognition for his wryly amusing, anecdotal, and mildly surreal short stories collected in Pearls of the Deep (1963), Palaverers (1964, tr. 1966), and The Death of Mr. Baltisberger (1966, tr. 1975). Employing rich and descriptive prose that often digresses, his works, whether tales or novels, are usually about and narrated by working-class social misfits, simpletons who are at times unintentionly profound. Though marked by tragic circumstances, his fiction is also slyly and joyfully comic. Enormously popular during the Prague Spring, his books were banned after the Soviet invasion and then circulated by underground publication or in smuggled copies until the end of Communist rule (1989). Among his best-known novels is Closely Watched Trains (1964, tr. 1995), the story of a young railway apprentice during the Nazi occupation; Hrabal cowrote the screenplay for the 1966 film (Academy Award, best foreign film). Other novels include Dancing Lessons for the Advanced in Age, (1964, tr. 1995, 2011), a rambling life story told by an elderly roué in one book-length sentence; I Served the King of England (1971, tr. 1990; film, 2008); The Little Town Where Time Stood Still (1982, tr. 1993); and Vita Nuova (1986, tr. 2010). Hrabal also wrote poetry and other screenplays.
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My reference point here is Bohumil Hrabal, the Czech writer.
Los hechos se relacionan con las conversaciones que tienen el personaje con su analista, la muerte que dan sus canes a una paloma y un texto inconcluso que dejo el autor checo Bohumil Hrabal titulado Gallinas de madera.
In the cinema, I think it was The Reader, and on DVD, I Served The King of England, a terrific Czech film, adapted from the book by my favourite novelist, Bohumil Hrabal.
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The unpretentious poetry of everyday life from the pens of Jiri Kolar and Josef Kainar, Kolar's experiments with the visualisation of poetry, the extraordinary texts produced by Bohumil Hrabal, the "radical Marxista" of the philosopher and writer Egon Bondy, the "artmusdramas" [malmuzherciady] of the Prague arts group known as the "Smidrove", the persisting influence of the artists and writers from the circle of the defunct Group 42 and the art historian Jindrich Chalupecky--all of this had its effect on the composition of original music as well.
Y Yo que he servido al rey de Inglaterra, de Bohumil Hrabal, checo (19141997, autor de la conocida Los trenes rigurosamente vigilados, entre otras), es una novela que se ubica dentro de esta tradicion.
Por la sucesion y acumulacion de abstracciones que, en algunos casos, se esgrimen como justificantes de la violencia, el mundo, como diria el escritor checo Bohumil Hrabal, no es cada vez peor, sino cada vez menos inocente.
Written in homage to the late Czech writer Bohumil Hrabal, Mercedes-Benz: From Letters to Hrabal is Polish author Pawel Huelle's novel based on stories from Pawel's family.
More genuinely unique East European writers, such as Yugoslav Danilo Kis or Czech Bohumil Hrabal or the recent Hungarian Nobel laureate Imre Kertesz, who work outside of the categories thought of as appropriate in creative-writing programs, have not achieved anything equivalent to the critical or popular recognition Kundera has.
Bohumil Hrabal appears here as the creator of 'small people and tall tales' (p.