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overall, overall dimension

A total outer dimension of a building material, including any projection, such as a tongue.
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Detective Inspector Mark Dimelow described how Mr Williams' attacker - believed to be a man - got out the passenger side of a blue, 53 plate, Renault Megane wearing a balaclava and boiler suit and holding a baseball bat -The masked man then launched into a vicious attack on Mr Williams who was sitting on a nearby bench.
Suffice to say, I now don my special auction boiler suit to blend into the crowd.
Detectives are keen for information on the man's boiler suit which had a logo on the left side of the chest including the word "international".
It's easy to panic about Avian flu - so seek proper medical advice before splashing out on a fancy boiler suit.
Bowman was flanked by his friend Jim Noble, who took great delight in joining the orange boiler suit brigade.
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One of the robbers was wearing a navy boiler suit, a sleeveless high-visibility jacket and dark beanie hat.
I managed to get half of my boiler suit over my head.
He stood in the dock dressed in a white forensic boiler suit.
Andrew is described as 5ft 7ins tall, with black hair, brown eyes, a scar on his left cheek and was wearing a red boiler suit with "Brostrom" on the back and work boots.
An armed robber dressed in a boiler suit stole cash from a service station using a sawn-off shotgun.
If you are caught, a nice man in a dark blue boiler suit, wearing a flat or pointed hat, will fine you pounds 30.