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They also insisted that an advanced boiling-water reactor is more dangerous than conventional boiling-water reactors, with the advanced model focusing on cost reduction.
Chugoku Electric Power's new nuclear reactor will be the improved version of a boiling-water reactor in terms of safety and running performance, according to the company.
1 boiling-water reactor at the Onagawa nuclear power plant in Miyagi Prefecture due to a surge in nitrogen supply within the reactor's storage facility.
The 1,100-megawatt, boiling-water reactor was shut after water leakage was found on Dec.
Three of the plant's six boiling-water reactors had suffered partial core-melt events that involved tremendously high temperatures and powerful radiation fields and interaction between seawater and nuclear fuel.
Among 30 boiling-water reactors in Japan, the Tsuruga reactor is the only one that lacks the system as its operator, Japan Atomic Power Co.
After a 17-month probe the cabinet's Atomic Energy Council concluded that the design of the plant, which will have two 1,350 megawatt boiling-water reactors, ''suffices to protect the health and safety of the public.
Under the project, NRG formed a joint venture with Toshiba, the supplier of the advanced boiling-water reactors chosen for the South Texas plant, and later agreed to bring in a third partner, Tokyo Electric, which pledged to invest $125 million, according to the paper.