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One of these movies deserves special attention, for it demonstrates well the major message of the authorities that the Bolshevik Revolution led nowhere despite the best intentions of the leaders.
Indeed, the Bolshevik Revolution had changed all geopolitical calculations in the region, and at the same time it was a great opportunity for the other two colonial powers to divide the Kurdish regions among themselves.
In fact, the animosity ran so deep that when both countries were no longer communist, and Russia was looking to replace its November 7 Bolshevik Revolution holiday, it came up with November 4, the anniversary of the Russian boyars' victory in 1612 over Polish King Sigismund's short-lived occupation of Moscow.
The people once called for an overthrow of the French Government during a time when political upheaval, such as the Bolshevik Revolution in Russia, had often proved successful.
Russian President Dmitry Medvedev was the first person to ring a set of treasured bells after their return to the Danilov Monastery, the seat of the Moscow Patriarchate, from Harvard University, where the bells had spent decades following the 1917 Bolshevik Revolution.
Her grandfather was a Russian aristocrat who was stranded in London during an arms-buying trip during the Bolshevik revolution.
But back to the imagined scene, where Mishka, the courier, meets the general, who dismisses the courier's formal greeting with, "If the Central Committee's words had the power of bullets, this Bolshevik revolution would have long conquered the world.
In God's Hands: A Nobleman's Struggle for Survival in War and Revolution" follows one noblewoman, Ellen von Samson-Himmelstjerna von zur Muehlen, as she deals with these turbulent times coming from a powerful family before the Bolshevik Revolution, to fleeing the burning ruins of Nazi Germany towards America.
After all, much of the Russian intelligentsia had long wished for the end of tsarism and as one of the book's exiles analyzed the Bolshevik Revolution, "the nature of imperialism was such that the people would in the end support any force in opposition to it.
Romanov said her grandfather, a Czarist Russian Prince expelled during the Bolshevik Revolution, told her numerous tales on which the doll series is based.
The Bolshevik revolution integrated the legend of a Russian Icarus into its own modernization program, just as it had sought out homegrown native geniuses in biology, physiology, and many other areas.
6 lecture on "Zionism and Russia" attributed the Bolshevik revolution to the Jews and was dedicated to Germar Rudolf, a Holocaust denier currently imprisoned in Germany.