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A fastening system using screw-threaded devices such as nuts, bolts, or studs.
(food engineering)
The process of refining or purifying, especially of sifting flour or meal through a sieve.
(mining engineering)
The use of vibrating sieves to separate particles of different sizes.



in plants, the development of any organ of a plant from another organ that has already completed its growth. For example, a leafy shoot, a flower, or even a raceme may form from a flower; a large number of secondary and tertiary shoots may appear on a primary shoot; and secondary tubers may appear on potato tubers instead of buds. The causes of bolting may be parasitic mycoplasmic organisms that produce yellows, big bud, and pupation in plants; aphids; and ecological factors, such as severe drought.

References in classic literature ?
A little man was sprinting along the sidewalk within half a dozen yards, and two or three others and one woman were bolting across the roadway.
Until it was too late neither Vas Kor nor Astok dreamed of that which lay in the panthan's mind; but at last as the fellow stood with his back toward the door, both understood--they were penned in their own prison, and now the intruder could slay them at his will, for Thuvia of Ptarth was bolting the door at the man's direction, first taking the key from the opposite side, where Astok had left it when they had entered.
So all except Jack Pumpkinhead, who was still tied fast to the Saw-Horse, ran to the various entrances of the royal palace and closed the heavy doors, bolting and locking them securely.
Bloomfield, with his hair on end, and his pale blue eyes bolting from their sockets.
Would the nervous animal he rode take fright at the odor of the carnivore, and, bolting, leave Werper still to the mercies of the king of beasts?
On the doorstep he continued to sit, bolting in whenever the door was opened.