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OmniLam F (flexo) and OmniLam G (gravure) are non-nitrocellulose ink systems that deliver high bond strengths on a wide range of film structures.
Our work with soy flour has shown that dry and wet adhesive bond strengths for samples made and tested using this ABES method were remarkably insensitive to the type of soy flour used (Frihart and Satori 2012) or to the addition of chaotropic agents, salts, surfactants, and co-solvents to the soy flour (Frihart and Lorenz 2013).
In vitro evaluation of push-out bond strengths of various luting agents to colored posts, J Prosthet Dent, 95: 302-310.
The conventional grouts shrank more, had only modestly higher compressive and bond strengths, cracked earlier, and cost substantially more.
When the bond strengths of the exposed specimens for three groups, which varied with different surface conditions, are compared with each other, it is shown that the average value of the bond strength was higher for the exposed specimens modified by the epoxy-functional silane.
Increasing the application time of primer in a multistep system from 10 to 40 seconds increased the shear bond strengths; also the shear bond strengths increased when the adhesive resin's pre-curing time was lengthened [Nour Eldin et al, 2002].
Shofu's BeautiBond[R] is a seventh generation bonding agent with bond strengths comparible to 4th, 5th and 6th generation materials, according to the manufacturer.
The average values of shear bond strengths were defined as loads at fracture divided by the 4 mm diameter iris areas.
However, further numerical data were generated by subjecting the surviving specimens to the usual tensile pull test and recording the loads to failure, just as was done for the original bond strengths.
FDM 200mc, which replaces the previous Prodigy Plus system, uses new Insight flow-control software and a new material, ABSplus, said to offer better flow and higher tensile, flexural, impact, and bond strengths than standard ABS.
of Riverhead, New York, USA, offers fiber-filled adhesive transfer tapes with bond strengths sufficient for splicing metal coils and other demanding applications in the automotive, electronics, and general industrial sectors.
Retief reported that enamel fracture can occur with bond strengths as low as 13.