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the reworking by an editor of an author’s work for publication or for broadcasting on radio or television. Editing may be political, scholarly, or literary. In practice, however, the editing of new works is a single creative process that aims to perfect the content and form of the work while preserving the author’s individuality. Editing of literary or scholarly works in the preparation of authoritative texts consists of compilation, establishment of a definitive text, and the preparation of reference material.


Sikorskii, N. M. Teoriia i praktika redaktirovaniia. Moscow, 1971.


Making modifications. See edit.
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AJR poses the conventional "what-books-are-you-reading" question to book editors and reviewers, specifying that's books for pleasure, not work.
The recognition of the importance of children's reading by publishers resulted in the establishment of Book Week by the National Association of Book Publishers (NABP) in 1919, the same year that the first children's book editor was appointed.
As in other newspaper realms, the pressure to be timely makes it hard for a book editor to stop and step back and look at the big picture.
The advanced photo book editor enables users to easily blend photos and words to create books that are beautiful and unique, without investing hours of time or downloading a large program.
Recently, I had a discussion with my agent, Marie Brown, a veteran in the industry and a talented book editor, about the quality of the work that's being published.
Ben plays a music promoter who has a whirlwind romance with J-Lo, playing a New York book editor.
David Roberts, Guinness book editor, said, "This is not just a terrific achievement for Gareth, becoming the youngest British male solo artist to have a number one single, but also an astonishing accolade for Unchained Melody.
as Douglas's gay book editor, Terry Crabtree, crashes the pot-fueled party with transvestite Miss Sloviak (Michael Cavadias) in tow and treats Tobey Maguire's questioning student to some extra credit under the sheets.
The seasonality factor which means that convertibles sell best in summer and 4x4s do better in the winter is fading fast,' said Daren Wiseman, Black Book editor.
1887-90) as a leading children's book editor but was still maintaining an active involvement in the ALA Children's Library - Association primarily a women's network - through her work on the Book Production Committee (McElderry, 1948, pp.
Four years later, she became the paper's book editor.
The judging panel was chaired by the children's book editor of The Guardian, Julia Eccleshare.