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book of the Bible, placed immediately after Jeremiah, to whose author it has been ascribed since ancient times. It was probably composed by several authors. It is a series of five poems mourning the destruction of Jerusalem by Babylon. Each of the the first four poems is an alphabetical acrostic, the third having three verses to the letter, instead of one. The book begins with dirges, followed by a psalm of lament with expressions of trust. The psalm is followed by another dirge expressing grief and longing for divine intervention. It concludes with a lament and a prayer for the restoration of the fortunes of Jerusalem.


See study by D. R. Hillers (rev. ed. 1992). See also bibliography under Old TestamentOld Testament,
Christian name for the Hebrew Bible, which serves as the first division of the Christian Bible (see New Testament). The designations "Old" and "New" seem to have been adopted after c.A.D.
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The Book of Lamentations consists of five chapters and a total of 154 lines.
God does not speak in the whole book of Lamentations.
The Book of Lamentations covers the destructions of the Temples and the subsequent calamities that Tishah B'Av suffered; yet it is so much more, about the crucial role that Jerusalem played in the religious lives of Jews.
Readers will surely quarrel with some of her positions; for example, the linking of Rich's many-voiced "Atlas of a Difficult World" with the Book of Lamentations seems forced to me, as if the author needed a biblical antecedent.
Norman Gottwald's 1954 Studies in the Book of Lamentations inspired Boase to delve more deeply into one of Gottwald's conclusions, namely, that Lamentations has a definite prophetic orientation.
The Book of Lamentations does not refer directly to the prophecies of the "prophet of doom," Jeremiah.
Several congregations had undergone annual meetings whose general tone made the book of Lamentations read like a script for a Bushy Berkeley musical.
In 1962, Castellanos published a big, ambitious Chiapas novel, The Book of Lamentations (a beautiful English translation was published by Penguin in 1998), the story of an Indian rebellion that ends in chaos, cruelty and a prompt return to the iron status quo.
Freed from their scriptural monopoly, she "finds her story" in the book of Lamentations.
Another friend, when reading of the recent horrors in Bosnia-Herzegovina, could vent his emotions only by turning to the Book of Lamentations.
If the witness of the Book of Lamentations is to be believed, some of those who remained fed on the bodies of dead children.
An application available on the Android phone offers the full book of Lamentations (with English translation) for use during the 25-hour fast, which has no electricity restriction.