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(computer science)
A scalar declaration in ALGOL defining variables similar to FORTRAN's logical variables.


(mathematics, logic)
1. Boolean algebra.

<programming> 2. (bool) The type of an expression with two possible values, "true" and "false". Also, a variable of Boolean type or a function with Boolean arguments or result. The most common Boolean functions are AND, OR and NOT.
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The 1-frequent item sets are the items which are the rows of the Boolean matrix
Montgomery, A representation of generalized Boolean rings, Duke Math.
Automated Boolean Matrix with Association Rules (ABMAR) involves several common steps in Apriori algorithm such as follows:
Definition 1 A Boolean model is a union of objects located at Poisson points,
Definition 6 A boolean triangle of order n is a triangular integer array {6ijj} for 1 [less than or equal to] i [less than or equal to] n - 1, n - i [less than or equal to] j [less than or equal to] n - 1 with entries in {0,1} such that the diagonal partial sums satisfy
86]), we show how a query to a given relational database, expressed through a formula of First Order Logic (FO), can be translated into a finite subfamily of boolean circuits in the complexity class AC.
Boolean searching uses three words to determine results: and, or and not.
Using Boolean operators and alternate terminology, the search statement for genetic testing to determine paternity would be constructed as (blood OR genetic) AND (test OR testing) AND paternity.
Students using TOM Academic can search using simple keyword or Boolean techniques.
We next provide definitions of various terms and properties which Boolean functions should satisfy for cryptographic applications.
In the previous paper, it had been explored how strongly the images deviated from an appropriately parametrized Boolean model in terms of contact distribution functions.
Probabilistic boolean networks; the modeling and control of gene regulatory networks.