bootable disk

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bootable disk

A CD-ROM or DVD-ROM that contains its own operating system ready to load. PCs are typically configured to look for the OS on a CD or DVD first and then the hard disk. Newer machines can also boot from a flash memory-based USB drive (see USB drive).

System and Data Recovery
A bootable disk is used to recover a failed system when the OS on the hard disk cannot load. The OS on the bootable disk does not have to be the same as the OS on the hard disk. However, it must support the file system on the hard disk, so that hard disk files can be examined and repaired. In addition, the OS on the bootable disk must contain the appropriate software drivers for all the peripherals that will be used in a recovery attempt.

If the system cannot be restored, valuable data files can be copied to an external drive. In the past, a compact version of DOS was often used as a bootable disk.

Install or Replace an Operating System
A bootable disk is also used to install a new operating system. By booting its own operating system (not necessarily the one being installed), it is able to format and write to the blank hard disk on a new computer. In addition, when replacing an existing operating system, it gives the installation program complete control of the computer. See LiveCD.
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Enter Knoppix--a bootable CD-ROM containing a fully working version of Linux, complete with data-recovery tools.
Some systems can detect a bootable CD-ROM and will be able to load the OBDR tape.
Notice that I didn't write "CD-ROM recording," because this product can record CD-audio, CD-ROM, CD-ROM XA, CD-R, CD-RW, Video CD, PhotoCD, CD-Extra, and even bootable CD-ROM (a godsend for backing up your system), and can handle single-session, multisession, and mixed-mode formats as well.
Check Point SecurePlatform Media Pack with "One-Click" Install is a bootable CD-ROM containing a hardened, customized operating system (OS) and Check Point's VPN-1(R)/FireWall-1(R) software that runs on any PC or server utilizing an Intel processor.
DriveWorks works with all hard drives including those 40 GB or larger, and can be run directly from an included boot diskette or bootable CD-ROM or can be installed and run from Windows 95/98/Me.
Ability to create a bootable CD-ROM with the full Air-Bag suite
Instead, specially designed firmware on the tape drive allows it to act as a bootable CD-ROM and initiates the disaster-recovery process using simply the latest backup cartridge.
Under the planned agreement, BeOS will be bundled as a bootable CD-ROM with MCG's StarMax systems at no additional cost to the end-user.
HP provides the HP NetServer LH system with HP NetServer Navigator systems setup program, a bootable CD-ROM with easy-to-use tools that allows users to configure, install and manage their servers quickly.
The HP NetServer LS Series comes with the HP NetServer Navigator, a bootable CD-ROM with comprehensive, easy-to-use tools that help users configure, install and manage their servers.
The HP NetServer LH was recognized as PC/Computing's MVP "Usability Product of the Year" at Fall COMDEX 1995 for its exceptional performance, complemented by the HP NetServer Navigator, a quick-start kit that includes a bootable CD-ROM with comprehensive, easy-to-use tools to help users quickly configure, install and manage their servers.