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salts of boric acid. For the most part, borates are not salts of boric acid H3BO3 itself but of polyboric acids n B2O3m H2O, which are not isolated in a free state (for example, tetraboric acid H2B4O7 or 2B2O3 H2O). Thus, neutralization of H3BO3 by alkalis produces sodium tetraborate, or borax:

2NaOH + 4H3BO3 = Na2B4O7 + 7H2O

Salts of alkali metals constitute most of the water-soluble borates. Borates are used for softening water, as an ingredient in laundry powders, and in the glass industry. In laboratory practice, borates are used in the preparation of buffer systems and as fluxes. Lead metaborates Pb(BO2)2 are used in the production of radiation protection screens.

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We are in Russia in a couple of weeks to promote Grimsby, which should be interesting as it's my first time back since Borat.
Borat said the businessman is another of Cohen's comic creations, and labelled him "a parody of a rich, American racist".
Sacha Baron Cohen made the song for the film Borat, which many Kazakhs took offence to.
Darting into the New York subway with a clucking chicken in one hand and a microphone in the other, Borat confronts the unsuspecting objects of his satire wherever he can find them: roly-poly frat boys, mystified driving instructors, frightened hotel clerks, and leering gun-nuts, all of whom are invited to share his absurd prejudices about women, Jews, and homosexuals.
Borat caused outrage in Kazakhstan, a resource-rich Central Asian state bordering Russia and China.
I think he and Sacha Baron Cohen have done something amazing and what he did with the Borat and Bruno films was some really brilliant comedy.
He said: "When I create a character like Borat or Bruno I learn to love them.
Like Borat, he has a thing for strange yellow pants.
If most people have probably forgotten that Borat was Oscar-nominated - strangely in the best adapted screenplay category - it's doubtful if Brno will follow suit.
In what follows, I shall try to explore some of these issues by treating Borat as an illustration of the theoretical views I happen to favor (the same way--toutes proportions gardees, of course--that Zizek uses Wild at Heart to illuminate his theories, and that the Enlightenment authors used their own literary works to illustrate the ideas they cherished), though I am sure, however, that my analysis will not resolve the already existing controversies that surround the film, and if anything, will only add to them.
It is also quite plausible that Borat has another crucial predecessor in satirizing the culture and society of the United States.
BORAT is a leading Kazakhstani journalist who, for this project, travels America learning about its culture.