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Molecular diagnostics company Great Basin Scientific (NasdaqGM:GBSN) disclosed on Tuesday the launch of a clinical trial for its sample-to-result Bordatella Direct Test that will detect, directly from patient specimen, Bordatella pertussis, a bacterium causing a highly contagious respiratory disease commonly known as whooping cough.
The culture is highly specific to the Bordatella pertussis organism (see Table 1).
Hastaligin etkeni olan Bordatella pertusis cok bulasici, zor uretilen, gram negatif polimorfik yapida bir comaktir.
Bordatella bronchiseptica is the same bacterial agent responsible for Kennel Cough in dogs and cats, but it causes severe upper respiratory tract infections in guinea pigs.
6) Bordatella pertussis can occasionally be the cause of persistent cough in children and adults.
As Tuomanen's group reported in the July 29, 1990 Cell, Bordatella pertussis, the persistent agent of whooping cough, makes an adhesin that's such an effective mimic that the white cells attach to the bacteria instead of binding to the blood vessel.
Our fifth addition to the illumigene platform, projected for the second half of fiscal 2012, will be a test for Bordatella pertussis/parapertussis, the cause of Whooping Cough.