Borgo Pass

Borgo Pass

(pop culture)

A mountain pass in Transylvania (at the time a part of Hungary and now located in Romania) made famous in the opening chapter of Bram Stoker‘s Dracula, Borgo Pass (or Tihuta Pass in Romanian) is an oft-trod passageway through the Carpathian Mountains in Eastern Europe. Dracula opens with the journey of Jonathan Harker to Castle Dracula. Arriving at the city of Bistritz, he receives a letter from Count Dracula directing him to the Borgo Pass (which begins near the town of Tihucza). The next day he takes the coach from Bistritz to Bukovina and is let out at the Pass. Here he is met by a coach with a mysterious driver (later revealed to be Count Dracula himself) and taken to Castle Dracula. The scene at Borgo Pass has been most effectively used over the years in the various Dracula movies to build an initial atmosphere of foreboding.

In spite of its remote location, the Transylvanian Society of Dracula in Romania regularly calls its members to meetings in the Borgo Pass, especially at Halloween at the Castle Dracula Hotel.


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