Boris Egorov

Egorov, Boris Borisovich


Born Nov. 26, 1937, in Moscow. Pilot-cosmonaut of the USSR. Hero of the Soviet Union (1964). Son of B. G. Egorov.

After graduating from the First Moscow Medical Institute in 1961, Egorov worked in medical research institutions, becoming a candidate of medical sciences in 1967. In 1964 he became a cosmonaut. On Oct. 12–13, 1964, Egorov, V. M. Komarov, and K. P. Feoktistov made a space flight aboard the multiseat spacecraft Voskhod. Egorov was awarded the doctor of medicine degree by the Humboldt University of Berlin in 1965. He has been awarded the Order of Lenin and a number of medals.

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Vladimir Komarov, Boris Egorov and Konstantin Feoktistov left earth on October 12, 1964, returning the next day to the news that all had changed in Moscow with the removal of Nikita Khrushchev.