Turbo Pascal

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Turbo Pascal

(language, product)
Borland International's Pascal. Perhaps the first integrated development environment for MS-DOS.

Versions 1.0-3.0: standard Pascal with a few extensions Versions 4.0 (1987) and 5.0: separate compilation. Version 5.5: object-oriented. Version 6.0: Turbo Vision OOP library.


tptc translates Turbo Pascal to Turbo C.

Turbo Pascal

An early Pascal compiler for DOS from Borland used in a wide variety of applications from accounting to complex commercial products. Turbo Pascal for Windows provides an object-oriented programming environment for Windows development. Borland is responsible for moving the Pascal language from the academic halls to the commercial world.

In 2006, Borland re-issued the Turbo brand name and released developer versions of Turbo Delphi for Win32 and .NET, as well as Turbo C++. For more information, visit www.codegear.com/products/turbo and www.turboexplorer.com.