Boron Carbide

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boron carbide

[′bȯ‚rän ′kär‚bīd]
(organic chemistry)
Any compound of boron and carbon, especially B4C (used as an abrasive, alloying agent, and neutron absorber).

Boron Carbide


(B4C; more correctly B12C3), a compound of boron and carbon. It is formed during the interaction of boron or boric anhydride with carbon at a temperature above 2000° C. It consists of black, shiny crystals with a density of 2.52 g/cm3 and a melting point of 2360° C. It is stable in air up to 1000° C and does not react to acids but is decomposed by alkalis. It exceeds corundum (Al2O3) and carborundum (SiC) in hardness and is softer only than diamond and borazon. It is used as an abrasive and grinding material, as a semiconductor, and also in nuclear engineering, as a neutron-absorbing material.

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Boron carbide offers the best balance of moderate internal loss and high sound speed.
We started with a Hobart mixer to determine the feasibility of a mix design well over 50 percent boron carbide powder, which has particle characteristics like portland cement and is similarly milled," says Branscome's Jack Kowalski, Specialty Products & Quality Assurance.
Good prospects of using boron carbide as a material of erosion-resistant coatings for protection of parts of state-of-the-art machinery are stipulated by its high hardness, high-temperature strength, chemical inertance and low density (2.
A Georgia Institute of Technology researcher has perfected a process that makes boron carbide harder and poreless in high temperature manufacturing.
The Monte Carlo code MCNP4-C with the weight window variance reduction technique was chosen to calculate the neutron transport for a 6 m model of the shield consisting of water, concrete, and earth, with a 6 cm diameter channel lined with boron carbide.
DARPA's investments eventually led to inexpensive plates of boron carbide," Tether explained, which helped "to clear the way for the improved interceptor body armor.
Army Research Laboratory say they have discovered that higher-energy impacts cause tiny bands of boron carbide to change into a more fragile glassy form, which was determined by observing the atomic structure of boron carbide fragments retrieved from a military ballistic test facility.
Electro Abrasives, Buffalo, NY now offers a new class of superfine ceramic and refractory minerals of green and black silicon carbide and boron carbide.
DiamondBlack is a patented boron carbide thin-film ceramic coating deposited in a low temperature PVD vacuum process.
One firm is pouring more money into developing a new material called Boralyn, a mixture of boron carbide and aluminium that will thrash the ball even harder.
In addition to silicon carbide, the researchers produced titanium, niobium, iron, and boron carbide rods, reports Charles M.