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see city governmentcity government,
political administration of urban areas.

The English tradition of incorporating urban units (cities, boroughs, villages, towns) and allowing them freedom in most local matters is general in the United States (see city; local government). The traditional U.
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; countycounty
[Fr., comté,=domain of a count], division of local government in the United States, Great Britain, and many Commonwealth countries. The county developed in England from the shire, a unit of local government that originated in the Saxon settlements of the 5th
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1. a town, esp (in Britain) one that forms the constituency of an MP or that was originally incorporated by royal charter
2. any of the 32 constituent divisions that together with the City of London make up Greater London
3. any of the five constituent divisions of New York City
4. (in the US) a self-governing incorporated municipality
5. (in medieval England) a fortified town or village or a fort
6. (in New Zealand) a small municipality with a governing body
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James Rule, CEO of Widnes Vikings, said: "Both Widnes Vikings and Halton Borough Council have been working hard to develop a deal that finds common ground and fulfils our shared aspirations.
e talks with Rugby Borough Council follow an assertion by Mr Fisher, during a public meeting in January, that he had met with Rugby Borough Council previously during 2014 - a period covered by a previous Telegraph FOI request.
We will be working closely with Tamworth Borough Council to ensure we provide tailored and valuable support to the authority.
Anti-fraud Minister James Plaskitt added: "Closer working with our partners, such as Redditch Borough Council, means that we know where and when people try to commit benefit fraud.
Reuben Kench, head of arts and culture at Stockton Borough Council, said: "It is great for Stockton Borough Council to win this award, and it's just recognition of the hard work and clever ideas that Rocket Science have provided us with over the past few years.
The Tenafly Borough Council voted 5-0 to remove the eruv from public property, prompting the Tenafly Eruv Association to file suit in federal court.
KNOWSLEY METROPOLITAN BOROUGH COUNCIL LOCAL GOVERNMENT ACT 1972 SECTIONS 122(1) AND 122(2A) TOWN AND COUNTRY PLANNING ACT 1990 SECTIONS 233(1) AND 233(4) PROPOSED APPROPRIATION AND DISPOSAL OF OPEN SPACE LAND AT HOLLOW CROFT, STOCKBRIDGE VILLAGE, MERSEYSIDE NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that Knowsley Metropolitan Borough Council ("the Council") intends to -(A) appropriate for planning purposes (pursuant to sections 122(1) and 122(2A) Local Government Act 1972); and (B) subject to the appropriation referred to in paragraph (A), thereafter to dispose of (pursuant to sections 233(1) and 233(4) Town and Country Planning Act 1990) an area of open space land being an area of approximately 6.
Global Banking News-August 15, 2014--Lloyds Bank to provide services to Slough Borough Council
Coun Mick leader of North Warwickshire Borough Council, has levelled the claim at county council leader Izzi Seccombe over plans to scrap all five district and borough councils in the region.
BROTTON: Wreath to be laid on behalf of the borough council by Cllr Doreen Rudland.
Redditch Borough Council in Worcestershire has drawn up proposals to use excess heat generated by the incinerator at the town's crematorium to warm the water for swimmers at the nearby Abbey Stadium Sports Centre.
I understand that the plans were first submitted to Caerphilly borough council in September of last year but it was not until this September that the borough council made the application to close the footbridge.