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According to Jahic, this project is not the only example of Qatar's contributions to the cultural life of Bosnia-Herzegovina.
Dodik added that he stressed in his meeting with the Israeli president that the Serb side was not behind certain votes against Israel's interests in the UN Security Council, of which Bosnia-Herzegovina is a member.
WALES play Iceland, Bosnia-Herzegovina and Russia at home in under-17 Uefa Championship matches next week.
Bosnia-Herzegovina is such a complex country and situation that talk of war means that the fear, paranoia and excuses existing through Yugoslavia's history, including the 1992-1995 genocide, are still present.
Serbia-Montenegro will win the group and a place in the World Cup with victory, but Bosnia-Herzegovina can also win the group if they win and Spain don't.
It may be equally significant to note that neither did the Pope visit Mostar (where Medjugorje is located), the seat of the second largest diocese in Bosnia-Herzegovina.
Despite seeing the bombed out shells of skyscrapers in Sarajevo, the miles and miles of destroyed, abandoned, bullet-ridden, blood red brick villages in Croatia, and Bosnia-Herzegovina, the mass graves, the stories of people who only escaped with their lives, and those who didn't, I still want to believe that nothing bad happened.
Of course, the real sticking point is that hard-line Muslims represent the most powerful faction within the UN-created artificial "nation" of Bosnia-Herzegovina.
After the White House ceremony, Armstrong and other project partners were invited to the Embassy of Bosnia-Herzegovina in Washington, where they planted a tree to mark the launch of this effort to regreen Sarajevo.
European soccer's governing body, UEFA, called off a European 2000 qualifying match in Glasgow, Scotland, because the Bosnia-Herzegovina team had trouble leaving its country.
The so-called international community has never had a consistent or principled policy toward Bosnia-Herzegovina.
As part of the EU pre-accession process, Bosnia-Herzegovina is expected to receive financial aid to build public institutions and improve cross-border co-operation; 89.