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com), a leading provider of advanced wireless broadband solutions, today announced that Turkey's prestigious Bogazici University chose its WinLink(TM) 1000 systems to connect the University's Kandilli campus in the Asian side of Istanbul to the Bebek campus, located across the Bosporus strait in the European side of Istanbul.
Middle Eastern hominids may have taken a Turkish route across the narrow Bosporus Strait on those early European jaunts, Dennell and Roebroeks theorize.
The proposed canal would be between 28 and 31 miles long, over 80 feet deep, about 500 feet wide, and would run parallel to the existing Bosporus Strait, which runs through Istanbul and is notorious for traffic congestion.
In an opulent hall on the shores of the Bosporus Strait, delegates delivered speeches promising support for Afghan sovereignty, and endorsed a transition to Afghan security leadership, efforts for a political solution to the war and economic development.
Mr Borisov has also shelved a deal to pipe Russian crude oil across Bulgaria and Greece to the Aegean Sea, circumventing a congested tanker route through the Bosporus strait in Turkey, saying the plan posed an environmental risk to the tourist industry along Bulgaria's Black Sea coast.
Turkish Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu summoned Andrey Karlov, the Russian ambassador to Ankara, on Monday, saying that such "provocation" as seen from the Russian serviceman on the Bosporus Strait -- "has to end.
The route would go from Burgas on Bulgaria's Black Sea coast to the Greek port of Alexandroupolis, providing an outlet to the Mediterranean, therefore avoiding the busy Bosporus Strait.
The pipeline is scheduled to be operational by 2009 and alleviate the congested tanker traffic through the Bosporus strait.
3 billion yen order from the Turkish government to build a tunnel crossing the Bosporus Strait, the major general contractor's largest overseas deal ever, a Japanese business daily reported Friday.
The Turkish prime minister also said when Russian battleships passed through the Bosporus Strait, Turkey was aware what they were carrying to Syria.
ANKARA, Dec 17 (KUNA) -- Turkey sold for 25 years operating rights for about 2,000 kilometers of toll roads, two beltways and two bridges over the Bosporus Strait for USD 5.
The 30-kilometer long Bosporus strait that bisects Istanbul is, in conjunction with the Dardanelles, the sole passage between the Mediterranean and the Black Sea and is heavily congested with tanker traffic to and from Bulgaria, Romania, Georgia, Ukraine and southern Russia.