Boston Latin School

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Boston Latin School,

at Boston; opened 1635 as a school for boys; one of the oldest free public schools in the United States. Many famous men attended the school, including five signers of the Declaration of Independence and four presidents of Harvard. In 1972 it became coeducational.


See P. Marson, Breeder of Democracy (1963).

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Part II of this Note will feature the incredible opportunities at three of these elite public high schools: Stuyvesant High School, Boston Latin School, and Thomas Jefferson School of Technology and Science.
Boston Latin School Head Master Lynne Mooney Teta said, "Mr.
Boston Latin School was established on April 23, 1635, when citizens of Boston voted to establish a free Latin Grammar School, the first-ever publicly-funded school of its kind.
Barnett has set up vertical farms in Boston Latin School, Russell Elementary in Dorchester, New Mission High School in Hyde Park, St.
Recognized as "The Birthplace of Public Education" with the opening of Boston Latin School in 1635, the Boston Public School District is the nation's oldest, founded in 1647.
Massachusetts (Boston) "BLS Youth Climate Action Network" - Boston Latin School - Launched a paid green training program in Summer 2011.
Additionally, the science department at Boston Latin School will receive $5,000 and Mandal's science teacher will receive a grant for independent study valued at $5,000.
A good case in point was his call for the creation of a public exam school within the city - similar to Boston Latin School - that would be open to those students who strive for academic excellence.
cum laude at Suffolk University School of Law, and serves on the Committee on Trustees for Boston Latin School.
The top school from Massachusetts is Boston Latin School, which the magazine ranked 63 in the nation, with average SAT scores reported at over 1900.
This week marks the anniversary of the beginning of classes in America's first public school -- the Boston Latin School.

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