Boston Latin School

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Boston Latin School,

at Boston; opened 1635 as a school for boys; one of the oldest free public schools in the United States. Many famous men attended the school, including five signers of the Declaration of Independence and four presidents of Harvard. In 1972 it became coeducational.


See P. Marson, Breeder of Democracy (1963).

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Originally established to teach Latin, classical literature and religion, today's Boston Latin School offers its 7th-12th grade students courses on current scientific research, popular science and science initiatives.
The Boston Latin school building underwent a complete $20 million renovation between 1988 and 1991 (66) that included the addition of a new gym.
DONNA-LEE DESTOUCHE of the Boston Latin School was an award winner in the Latin and French national exam, does volunteer work with Teens Against Tobacco and Sisters Reach out to Stop Cancer, and completed the school's college prep curriculum with honors.
Schooling at higher levels was available at private academies and colleges such as the Boston Latin School, Harvard, The College of William and Mary, etc.
In Boston last year, the First Circuit Court of Appeals struck down an affirmative action student admissions policy for the prestigious Boston Latin School.
Last November, a Boston-based appeals court ruled that there was no legal justification for the district's policy of considering race for roughly half the admission slots at Boston Latin School and at other selective schools.
In a social and cultural climate that prizes "feeling good about yourself" over real accomplishment and self-esteem" over hard work, where "differences" become excuses for mediocrity, and where far too many high school graduates cannot read, Boston Latin School stands out as an anomaly Academically rigorous and intellectually challenging, the 362-year-old educational institution is a meritocracy that rewards achievement and resolutely embraces, even celebrates, the notion that a race is being run, and that some contestants will do better than others.
One of those students, Benjamin Franklin, completed his education at the Boston Latin School and at Brownell's writing school and at 16 was managing his brother's newspaper, the New England Courant.
That same year the first secondary school in America, the Boston Latin School, was established with a classical curriculum derived from English schools.
Born in Boston, the son of West Indian parents, Braithwaite attended Boston Latin School and became a poet through his love of Keats.
Born in Braintree (now Quincy), Massachusetts, and brought up by foster parents, Tompson graduated from Harvard in 1662 and five years later became master of the Boston Latin School.
Tkachuk is a lifelong resident of Boston and was educated in the Boston Public School system, graduating from Boston Latin School.

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