Boston Massacre

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Boston Massacre,

1770, pre-Revolutionary incident growing out of the resentment against the British troops sent to Boston to maintain order and to enforce the Townshend ActsTownshend Acts,
1767, originated by Charles Townshend and passed by the English Parliament shortly after the repeal of the Stamp Act. They were designed to collect revenue from the colonists in America by putting customs duties on imports of glass, lead, paints, paper, and tea.
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. The troops, constantly tormented by irresponsible gangs, finally (Mar. 5, 1770) fired into a rioting crowd and killed five men—three on the spot, two of wounds later. The funeral of the victims was the occasion for a great patriot demonstration. The British captain, Thomas Preston, and his men were tried for murder, with Robert Treat Paine as prosecutor, John Adams and Josiah Quincy as lawyers for the defense. Preston and six of his men were acquitted; two others were found guilty of manslaughter, punished, and discharged from the army.


See study by H. B. Zobel (1970).

Boston Massacre

skirmish between British troops and Boston crowd (1770). [Am. Hist.: EB, II: 180]

Boston Massacre

civil uprising fueled revolutionary spirit (1770). [Am. Hist.: Jameson, 57]
See: Riot
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On March 5, 1770, the Boston Massacre took place as British soldiers who'd been taunted by a crowd of colonists opened fire, killing five people.
Quincy, an eloquent lawyer who was dying from tuberculosis, had teamed with John Adams to successfully represent the British soldiers tried for the Boston Massacre a few years earlier.
You can visit16 strategic sites associated with the independence movement along the two- and-a-half mile Freedom trail that winds its way from the Boston common via the site of the Boston Massacre, across the charles River, ending ultimately at the Bunker Hill Monument.
It is part of the Emerald Necklace, a system of connected parks that winds through many of Boston's neighborhoods and is home to memorials including the the Robert Gould Shaw Memorial to Robert Gould Shaw and the Afro-American 54th Massachusetts Volunteer Infantry ; The Soldiers and Sailors Monument and the Boston Massacre Memorial.
Here's to the social studies teachers and curriculum masters who challenge students to think about Columbus, Kent State and the Boston Massacre in a new light, and to physics instructors inspiring future engineers and problem solvers.
In 1770, John Adams said the above words while representing British soldiers who took part in the Boston Massacre.
But it is not all that logical to lay the entire blame for Islamophobia at the feet of the West, when Muslims are killing one another and when the Press constantly covers stories of women stripped and beaten to death for converting to Christianity, or when radical types stand up and say that the Boston massacre would have been done much more professionally had Al Qaeda been involved.
SILENCE A minute's silence was held at the start of the races for the victims of the Boston massacre
The Boston Massacre also has its historical ties dating back to 1770 but the Nike (NYSE:NKE) shirt refers to the 1970s.
That responsibility largely rests on the interleague team (aka "travel team") known as the Boston Massacre.
The Boston Massacre happened just outside the building, and in 1776, revolutionary leaders stood on the building's balcony and read the Declaration of Independence to an enthusiastic crowd.
Outside the museum's door is the site of the Boston Massacre, a pivotal event in 1770 when England's Redcoats killed five colonists, leading to brawls and kindling the war.

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