Boston Museum of Fine Arts

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Boston Museum of Fine Arts:

see Museum of Fine ArtsMuseum of Fine Arts,
Boston, chartered and incorporated (1870) after a decision by the Boston Athenæum, Harvard, and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology to pool their collections of art objects and house them in adequate public galleries.
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, at Boston, Mass.

Boston Museum of Fine Arts


One of the largest art museums in the USA, founded in Boston in 1870.

It contains outstanding examples of ancient Egyptian sculpture (a bust of Ankhhaf, third millennium B.C.), Greek and Roman sculpture, Coptic cloths, medieval art of China and Japan (sculpture, painting, and ceramics), and art of India and the Southwest Asian countries. European and American depictive and decorative arts are widely represented (including English silver, pictures by the French impressionists, and American painting of the 18th to 20th centuries, such as G. Stuart’s portrait of George Washington).


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The museums have all entered the cases to prevent the artifacts from being seized; the Field Museum, the Harvard University museums, and the Boston Museum of Fine Arts argue that they, and not the government of Iran, own the artifacts.
The Boston Museum of Fine Arts has a new wing devoted to art of the Americas--an exciting theme encompassing the enormously diverse cultural history and current manifestations of people living in 35 (modern-day) countries.
A film about the plight of Albanian men and women who married foreign nationals during the communist era in Albania will be shown at the Boston Museum of Fine Arts
Outside of New York, his list of projects includes the Boston Museum of Fine Arts, the Corning Museum of Glass; the Georgia-Pacific Headquarters in Atlanta; various buildings at Brown University in Providence, Rhode Island; King Saud University in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia; and the American School in Tehran, Iran.
The catalyst came in 1901 when he met Ernest Fenollosa, the expert on Japanese art, who owing to a liaison with a young woman and his subsequent divorce, had been compelled to leave the Boston Museum of Fine Arts.
Sure, he's been around: In my home area of Boston alone, we've had an excellent survey of his wall drawings from 1968 on (at the Addison Gallery of American Art in Andover in 1993), and shortly afterward the touring retrospective of his drawings on paper, beginning with his 1958 student sketches after Piero della Francesca and Velazquez, made a stop at the Boston Museum of Fine Arts.
For the current exhibition at the Boston Museum of Fine Arts (due to move on elsewhere in the USA and to Leiden), FREED et al.
Jeannette was also a member of the Boston Museum of Fine Arts, Assumption College Volunteers, Worcester County Music Association, Children's Friend Society, Massachusetts Association for the Blind, Opera Worcester, Inc.
One of the best-loved paintings in the Boston Museum of Fine Arts, the enormous canvas depicts the four daughters of an American family named Boit that Sargeant met in Paris in an unusual composition and style that harkens to the masterpiece Las Meninas by Velazquez.
Her paintings hang in major museums ranging from the Metropolitan Museum of Art to the National Museum of American Art and the Boston Museum of Fine Arts.
The catalogue, edited by George Shackelford and Claire Freches-Thory, is published by Thames & Hudson, London, 2004, ISBN 0 500 093229, 42 [pounds sterling] (cloth); Boston Museum of Fine Arts, ISBN 0 87846 666 5, $65 (cloth); and Reunion des Musees Nationaux, Paris, 2003, ISBN 2 7118 4576 1, 45 [euro] (paper)
He also supported memberships at Tower Hill Horticultural Society, the Boston Museum of Fine Arts and had a lifetime membership in the Scottish Rites Consistory of Masons.

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