Boston Tea Party

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Boston Tea Party,

1773. In the contest between British Parliament and the American colonists before the Revolution, Parliament, when repealing the Townshend ActsTownshend Acts,
1767, originated by Charles Townshend and passed by the English Parliament shortly after the repeal of the Stamp Act. They were designed to collect revenue from the colonists in America by putting customs duties on imports of glass, lead, paints, paper, and tea.
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, had retained the tea tax, partly as a symbol of its right to tax the colonies, partly to aid the financially embarrassed East India CompanyEast India Company, British,
1600–1874, company chartered by Queen Elizabeth I for trade with Asia. The original object of the group of merchants involved was to break the Dutch monopoly of the spice trade with the East Indies.
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. The colonists tried to prevent the consignees from accepting taxed tea and were successful in New York and Philadelphia. At Charleston the tea was landed but was held in government warehouses. At Boston, three tea ships arrived and remained unloaded but Gov. Thomas HutchinsonHutchinson, Thomas,
1711–80, colonial governor of Massachusetts (1771–74) and historian, b. Boston. A descendant of Anne Hutchinson, he was a man of wealth and prominence, of learning, and of notable integrity.
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 refused to let the ships leave without first paying the duties. A group of indignant colonists, led by Samuel AdamsAdams, Samuel,
1722–1803, political leader in the American Revolution, signer of the Declaration of Independence, b. Boston, Mass.; second cousin of John Adams. An unsuccessful businessman, he became interested in politics and was a member (1765–74) and clerk
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, Paul RevereRevere, Paul,
1735–1818, American silversmith and political leader in the American Revolution, b. Boston. In his father's smithy he learned to work gold and silver, and he became a leading silversmith of New England.
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, and others, disguised themselves as Native Americans, boarded the ships on the night of Dec. 16, 1773, and threw the tea into the harbor. In reply Parliament passed the Boston Port Bill (see Intolerable ActsIntolerable Acts,
name given by American patriots to five laws (including the Quebec Act) adopted by Parliament in 1774, which limited the political and geographical freedom of the colonists.
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See studies by B. W. Labaree (1964) and B. L. Carp (2010).

Boston Tea Party

irate colonists, dressed as Indians, pillage three British ships (1773). [Am. Hist.: Jameson, 58, 495]

Boston Tea Party

colonists rioted against tea tax (1773). [Am. Hist.: NCE, 341]
See: Riot
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The celebration includes a re-enactment of the Boston Tea Party protests, a drum parade to the Boston Harbor, and the staging of the infamous tea dump.
About 50 members of the political organization, The Sons of Liberty, carried out the Boston Tea Party action.
To commemorate the Boston Tea Party, Del Grande invites anybody (21 year or older) to exchange one common tea bag for a glass of Bison Original Hard Ice Tea.
said the Boston Tea Party re-enactment was the farmers' way to "hammer a message to President Clinton that government is already making more than enough money from tobacco.
It's the same litany that gave birth to our nation, the same theme that led to the Boston Tea Party and more recently to the secession movement all over Los Angeles.
King has every confidence in Collazo, who won the WBA title by beating Jose Antonio Rivera 13 months ago, and he is predicting a repeat of the Boston Tea Party when the pair meet in the city's historic Garden venue in a Sky Box Office fight.
Hancock took an active role in the December 1773 Boston Tea Party, and popular lore casts him as the lead "Indian" throwing the tea into the harbor.
The first three volumes of Liberty's Kids to be released by Ten Strike are: The First Fourth of July; The Boston Tea Party and Give Me Liberty.
Consumption jumped after both the Boston Tea Party and the beginning of Prohibition.
The tea party movement was named after the Boston Tea Party of 1773, in which chests of tea were thrown into Boston Harbor by colonists protesting taxes.
Also On This Day: 1653: Oliver Cromwellbecame Lord Protector of England; 1773: The Boston Tea Party, activists dumping tea into the harbour protesting against British taxation, took place; 1775: Birth of author Jane Austen; 1809: Napoleon divorced his wife Josephine
After the British Parliament closed down the Port of Boston until the cost of the Boston Tea Party was paid back, Tory Governor Thomas Hutchinson charged the legislature with the task of raising the money.

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