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Boston University,

at Boston, Mass.; coeducational; founded 1839, chartered 1869, first baccalaureate granted 1871. It is composed of 16 schools and colleges. Among its notable research facilities are a medical center (including the schools of medicine and graduate dentistry and university hospital) and centers for science and engineering, computational science, and remote sensing.


See E. R. Speare, Interesting Happenings in Boston University's History (1957); W. O. Ault, Boston University: The College of Liberal Arts, 1873–1973 (1973).

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LAHORE -- Data outed by Boston University's Global Development Policy Center revealed Chinese investments in One Belt, One Road (OBOR) energy projects fell 28 percent in 2017 to touch $14.
Also in partnership with DAU, Boston University's Corporate Education Center (BUCEC) offers corporate and professional training and certification programs.
BOSTON--"It's not just about me, but all the things I've been involved in," says Dame Alicia Markova, talking about the contents of her papers, which she plans to deposit in the Special Collections department of Boston University's library.
Dates are February 26 through March 1 at Boston University's College of Fine Arts, 855 Commonwealth Ave.
Assistant Account Executive Sarah Grazier, who brings experience in public relations and journalism through previous work at Schneider Associates, Boston University's College of Communication and the Nashua Telegraph.
Deputy Undersecretary of Education in the Reagan Administration (under Secretary of Education, William Bennett), Dean and Professor of the Boston University School of Education (at the time of Boston University's unprecedented takeover of the Chelsea (MA) Schools), and most recently, Headmaster of The Montclair Kimberley Academy (NJ), from where he retired in June 2005.
Researchers from Boston University's Genetics and Genomics Department recently announced the release of a public Web site that contains pre-publication results from a 116,000 SNP/individual genome-wide association study of the Framingham Heart Study Cohort.
The key to Harvard Pilgrim's ongoing success in project management competencies is Boston University's 12-week project management training program.
Hurwitz earned her bachelor and master degrees from Boston University, and Boston University's College of Arts & Sciences named her a distinguished alumnus in 2005.
Boston University's Project Management Competency Model is made up of three project management competency categories: technical, personal and business/leadership.

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