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see BejaïaBejaïa
, formerly Bougie
, city (1998 pop. 147,076), N Algeria, a port on the Gulf of Bejaïa (an arm of the Mediterranean Sea). The northern terminus of the Hassi Messaoud oil pipeline from the Sahara, Bejaïa is the principal oil port of the W
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, Algeria.
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The guidewire allows the anterior knife edge of the outer tube to excise the stricture and to reach the opposite bougie.
These videolaryngoscopes routinely required either a stylet or bougie for tracheal intubation.
The drawback of the gum elastic bougie technique is that the device itself has no distal sideports to allow for ventilation.
The use of the bougie in this case made digital intubation rapid and simple.
We're doing extremely well, we've had a really good summer," says Bougie, who attributes their success to loyal customers such as Weyerhaeuser, Hanford Lumber in Rexdale and Leonard Ellen Canada Ltd.
Jacques Bougie, president and CEO, commented "The momentum of improving earnings that began in the second quarter of last year continued, reflecting increased fabricated sales volumes, improving metal prices, and lower unit costs.
It's a win-win for our buyers, sellers and consumers,' said Jacques Bougie, president and chief executive officer of Alcan.
I did not know that BUGIA is a style of dripless candlestick, its liturgical use abolished in 1968, named after the wax-rich region of Bougie, Algeria.
This is intended for use in bariatric surgical procedures to provide a sized support bougie for sleeve gastrectomy, and to permit stomach decompression, gastric fluid drainage and removal.
Les troncons restants de la rocade nord relieront le village Litama (commune de Sidi Naamane) a Oued Stita (commune de Makouda), pour le premier, puis Oued Stita au lieu dit Pont de Bougie, pour le second, a-t-il precise.
Bougie will serve as Chairman of the Board and be based in Montreal, Quebec.
Marrakech - Le Festival International Marrakech du Rire (MDR- 2013), un evenement eclectique parfaitement dedie a l'humour et au stand- up comedie, a souffle mercredi soir au theatre royal de la cite ocre, sa troisieme bougie, avec en ouverture : un spectacle inedit intitule "la Halqa", un rituel revisite, cette annee, sous la direction artistique de Hassan El Fad, reliant la tradition orale de la ville ocre et l'ingeniosite de l'artiste marocain et ses homologues internationaux.