inflatable structure

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pneumatic structure

A very lightweight enclosed structure, usually fabricated of a membrane of an impervious material and supported by the difference in air pressure between the exterior and the interior of the structure rather than by a structural framework. Fans must maintain the interior pressure slightly in excess of normal atmospheric pressure to prevent the structure from slowly deflating and collapsing. Used primarily as a temporary enclosure or to house sports facilities such as tennis courts and swimming pools. Also called an air-supported structure.
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You need to use your judgment with regard to allowing the rental of your commercial bounce house products for an event.
Providing excellent customer service while offering superior commercial inflatable products, will set your bounce house business ahead from the competition, and make more than just low rental prices the deciding factor for prospects.
Your bounce house business can certainly be successful from the comforts of your own home, you simply need to know how to manage your time and motivate yourself to get the work done.
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At Lucile Packard Children's Hospital at Stanford, pediatric orthopedic surgeon Meghan Imrie, MD, cautions that there has been a rise in trampoline and bounce house injuries over the last ten years.
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com)-- As a responsible renter of jump houses, it is so critical that you take the time to review with your event host the commercial inflatable safety procedures for your bounce house equipment prior to leaving the premises.
For your bounce house business this means expanding the reach of your audience, at no additional cost to you.
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As economic recovery begins making its way to potential small business owners, a bounce house rental is a smart choice
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A bounce house rental company in your community can mean healthier, happier young ones