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town (1990 pop. 16,064), Barnstable co., SE Mass., crossed by Cape Cod Canal; settled 1627, inc. 1884. Bourne Bridge (1935), across the canal, made the town an entry point to Cape Cod and a resort and commercial center. The nearby Massachusetts Military Reservation and Otis Air Force Base have been important to the economy.


A small intermittent stream in a dry valley.
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Bourne provides a lively overview of a complex moment in America's religious history.
In Resident Alien, Tim Fountain's play now running off-Broadway at the New York Theatre Workshop after a successful premiere in fall 1999 at London's Bush Theatre, Bourne provides a private audience with the writer and wit who called himself "one of the stately homos of England.
com/2013/12/paul-greengrass-interview-captain-phillips-bourne-mlk-652006/) interview that he no longer wanted to make another Bourne film.
Previously Paul Greengrass, who directed the second and third 'Bourne' films, had shot down rumours that he was returning to the Franchise by saying that he loved making the Bourne movies but it's like anything in life, you've got to move on and do different things.
Going to see a Bourne ballet is like returning to the warm embrace of an old friend.
The Bourne Legacy, which is neither a sequel nor a reboot, is not only standing in a shadow, dwarfed by the three previous box office hits, but it was also missing something vital C* Bourne
The movie overlaps with the moment when Bourne goes public about the government's intelligence programmes.
IN THIS second film in the Jason Bourne saga, our amnesiac assassin hero goes on the run when a Russian agent is dispatched to Goa to kill him.
Bourne was an intelligent, determined, and true Irish Fighter.
Ludlum's genius was a tough act to follow and Lustbader's first three outings in the series, The Bourne Legacy, the Bourne Betrayal and the Bourne Sanction were met with mixed reviews.
Zara Bourne was sentenced to seven years in jail yesterday for the manslaughter of Cheryl Enstone, a mum of two.
WELSH Conservative leader Nick Bourne and his colleague Alun Cairns last night announced they would be repaying the public money they spent buying iPods.